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It is easy to speak of secrets that can and do change the lives of millions. The hard part is getting the obvious to work for those who do not see or know how powerful their underlying focus is. Our minds create the world the world around us responds. Whatever you are thinking or feeling it is the response you wished for, it is your underlying pre-dominate emotion.

(Why you DON’T attract personal & professional prosperity)PART ONEPeople often talk about thoughts and feelings without giving a thought to the thinking and feeling process. (Is that a little confusing?) Put another way…Do you focus on what you don’t want more than what you do?There are three types of thoughts in the attraction thinking process,Guest Posting personal or professional it is the same for everyone.

• Recalling memories (Remembering experience)

• Observing others (Gathering information)

• Imagination (Creative construction)

All of the above thoughts lead to powerful emotional feelings pulsing out into your surrounding world constantly creating your own reality.

Around March last year (2006) a group of people got together to discuss the theory of attraction. The law of attraction is what this first part is all about, how you attract or create a successful reality in your personal / professional life.

Here is the first simple law: “You will attract towards you whatever you thoughts and feelings focus on the most.” It may sound an obvious statement but stop for a moment and think of all the things you constantly worry about.

If you think the odd thought…“I wish I could be rich” or “I wish I had someone who loves me” is the same as the amount of transmitted energy you give to the opposing fear…think again.

Quantum Physics now confirms the fact that at the base of our very being we are pure energy. Each particle of you, me, tress, soil, rocks and everything else resonates at a unique frequency…


These thoughts may be conscious or unconscious, you may be aware of them, you may not but each has a particular “wave or frequency” unique to your transmitted thought or feeling. Every walked into a room and “felt” an atmosphere? Some say things like “You could cut the air in that room with a knife.” This is a clear indication of our personal radar picking up on the mood of others.

We are like magnets when it comes to attracting similar frequencies and transmitted energy. Think of each of us as a sophisticated radio transceiver (one that can transmit and receive). Emotions and attitude towards self and others has a set of unique frequencies, we will tune into the station (situations or people) that “resonate” within our underlying range of thoughts and feelings (frequencies).

The law of attraction has been known for 1,000’s of years by some of histories greatest inventors and thinkers. Some say it has been kept a secret, some say it has always been so obvious many cannot see the simplicity of it. It gets much better…One of the biggest problems to attracting what we want in life is not believe we are capable of doing so. Ask yourself what is your focused underlying thought and feeling; could it be you don’t think anything will ever change?” If you do then hey-presto! You got what you focused on the most!The moment you understand that is has nothing to do with half-hearted wishes that float in a sea of negative waves. It has to do with your predominant underlying thoughts and feelings about life, you and your role in the world. Now if your thinking as you read this; “What role? I go from one problem to another, one bad relationship to another or no relationships at all.” Guess what your most powerful underlying thoughts will attract.

Our emotions act like a powerful magnet as I have already said. But they also act as a TWO DIRECTIONAL COMPASS. Our emotional compass works on a simple “good/bad” indicator. If it feels good then we are in balance with our positive expectations; if we feel bad (and that includes health) we are focused on underlying negative fears we wished into existence.

These compass feelings let you know immediately if you are thinking of feeling the right thing. Ask yourself this simple question: “What thoughts and feelings do you focus on most of the time?”I see clients both corporate and private and given the fact that they are even seeing me I already know the underlying thoughts are things they DON’T want to happen. So by the very nature of attraction they are giving energy to the dark-side, as it were.

So you see the laws of attraction are always working according to our nature and the nature of all things. Remember; “What it is you generally feel or think is always in the process of becoming real.” Put another way;“What you think and feel will become real”

Your wish is my CommandThe old story of Aladdin and his lamp goes back 1,000’s of years, it has been told in countless languages using different setting and characters. But this story started out as an important lesson for those who would listen, for those who “Got-it” and used the teachings wrapped in the story.

The lamp is a representation of our own “will” or “force-of-nature” and you if feel or think you are not a force of nature then so be it (your wish is my command). The Genii is the power of thought and feeling we have been talking about. The universe itself is shaped the thoughts and feelings that reside within it, they live within YOU.

To conclude part one of our laws of attraction the important thing is that we all fully understand; “What we think and feel most of the time will manifest as real…it ALWAYS DOES.”

Ever thought about a long lost friend or a relative only to have them somehow connect or simply “appear” in your life? Maybe a phone call, letter or a fortuitous meeting. I know one annoying thing that has happened many times in my life. I get an idea for a book, script or invention, and then do nothing about it because of self-doubt. Months later some go-getter has made a fortune out of the idea.

I now understand it is and was not my idea, it would have been had I acted upon it. It was my thought that may have caused it to come into and my own thoughts that kept me from believing I could do anything about it, sound familiar?Your wish is my command; now you know who and how to make your wish. Make every fiber of your mind and body resonates with what you want. Avoid thinking about what you don’t want, give the transmitted underlying though the “half-full” treatment and leave the half-empty to others.

The great thing about understanding the law of attraction is you don’t have to know how it works, it just does. Imagine you want a nice house or new car or maybe a solid relationship with a loving partner. How many times have you thought “It happens to other people not me?” Or “I got no chance, not with my life the way it is.” Remember…Your wish is the universes command…be careful what you wish for.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Have a look at part two and begin to see what you can do to change yourself and the atmosphere around you. Want to send out positive powerful thought transmissions? Parts two, three and four will show you how, see you there…If the results you are getting are not what you wanted what did you focus your attention on?

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