Mr. Muthappa Rai- A Well-Known Philanthropist in Karnataka

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Mr. Muthappa Rai a Businessman turned social activist is known for his game changing strategies and leadership skills in both the fields - equally well!

Mr. Muthappa Rai,Guest Posting a legend in himself is one of the most powerful people of Karnataka. He started his journey as a mere employee in a banking sector but now he has grown out to be the most successful businessman in Karnataka. He rules the roost in real estate as he develops and builds big lands in premier locations of Bangalore.

He provides the finest housing solutions in entire Bangalore to all income groups. He is known for his business acumen and strong entrepreneurial skills. He is looked up by one and all in his business community. He is most respected and treasured among his contemporaries.

Though a shrewd businessman, he is a soft-hearted human being as well. He has tried to fulfill his long lasting desire to serve the community at large through his non-profit organization called ‘Jaya Karnataka’.

Jaya Karnataka is based on the principles of human dignity, solidarity of people and freedom of communication. At this organization the volunteers work relentlessly to bring relief to distressed families in rural districts of Karnataka.  Children and women healthcare programmes are given more prominence than the other things. The organization helps dig wells in rural villages with water scarcity so women can avoid walking long distances in search of water. They also help poor people with different ailments such as cataract, open-heart surgeries and many more.

Though Jaya Karnataka is just a couple of years old, it has at least 7,00,000 members in over 300 branches across the state. There are many more volunteers joining the group every day as the membership increases day by day.

Thus, Muthappa Raiis the man of chutzpah, cleverness and generosity making him a most celebrated name in Karnataka.

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