The "D" Word

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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of people ... more than the dreaded D word. ... have diluted it's power ... over the last 50 years, ... that we no longer need such a

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere more
than the dreaded D word.

Revolutionists have diluted it's power gradually over the last
50 years,Guest Posting insisting that we no longer need such a thing. They
have created numb minded societies with no particular
aspirations, and little motivation. Robot like civilizations
who swarm from one great leader to the next as long as
they will promise to protect them from the D word.

Do whatever you want. Freedom is your right.

Eat whatever you want. Watch whatever you want. Fill your
mind so full with trivial nonsense that you have no room for
anything else.

We are an enlightened society. We are free. You no longer have
to do anything you don't want to do.

The D word has been so shunned that many kids don't even
know what it is. They have never experienced it.

Everyone is so much happier having been relieved of the burden.

Aren't we?

OK. I'm going to reveal the D word. But be prepared, it is ugly.
No one wants to hear this. If it gets out and starts spreading,
it could change your life, so be very careful......



Are you scared? Doesn't it just rock the core of your being?
What a thought. Imagine that anyone would talk about such
a thing in this day and age.

I mean, Discipline would make you do things like-

Turn off the TV and (gasp) read a book.

NOT eat the WHOLE bag of potato chips.

Keep your house clean.

Eat a salad instead of the potato chips.

Cook dinner. (imagine that?)

If this were to spread, we'd having people reading and thinking,
and being healthy and full of energy. They would start building
businesses, real ones. They would get out of debt. They could
change our whole economic structure. People could go from
dependant to independent.

Worse yet, people would start developing morals and ethics.
They would actually start doing the things they say they want
to do instead of just talking about it.

Everything that we have become so accustomed to would be
shaken. The world could never stand such an uprising!

Or could it?
If you're not afraid of discipline and you want to take
back control of your life- Enroll in Beating the Demons.
It might be just what you need to get you on track.

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