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My life has been in such an incredible mode of shifting and changing; at times it feels like the only constant thing occurring is change. Why is this happening? Why is there such a great need to shift so rapidly?  And how do I stay on top of all this change?

I am very grateful for the gift of Surrender. I think,Guest Posting in fact I know that without this gift, staying sane and balanced energetically would be very challenging. There have been days where nothing has made any sense, days where I have felt overwhelmed by the lack of financial flow, days where life’s heaviness has been just too much to bear, days where my self-judgment of not being good enough brought on a great depth of sadness. On the flip side there have been days where I have felt incredible peace and bliss, where there has been a feeling of oneness and unconditional love, days of lightness and joy, days of experiencing deep compassion for the heart of humanity.

Learning to surrender on my heavy days has been a journey in itself! In the beginning I didn’t feel very much lightness after surrendering all the emotions and thoughts that are inconsistent with the feeling of unconditional love. I am grateful for the gentle but consistent reminders by the masters to keep surrendering regardless. As I have been consistent with surrendering all emotions and thoughts inconsistent with love, I began to feel the lightness of being. It felt like a release was taking place each time I surrendered. I started to experience energetic shifts occurring every few days.

Then came the deluge of emotions and erratic thoughts. The masters tell me that this is one of the stages in the process of releasing. Mind you this was a very uncomfortable stage. Great sadness, anger, frustration, self-pity and guilt started surfacing to be released. There were many times and there are still times where I lose the plot and begin to process the emotions or thoughts that have surfaced to be released. Or worse yet, I go into the emotions and start creating more of it.

With a gentle nudge from the divine, I see what I am doing and surrender the emotion. With the surrender come the release and the lightness. A feeling of bliss and love now follows the lightness. This constant state of releasing on the internal has to see its corresponding change on the external. Now the challenge seems to be to stay on top of all the external changes. I have to keep reminding myself to stay focused on surrendering and releasing as the external changes occur and to trust that the solutions will present themselves to me.

The masters say, "Be still and allow all things to come to you." I believe this stage too will be a great journey!

May Peace Become Your Mainstay And Clarity Your Guiding Light.

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