The Most Useful Umbrella Throughout The World!

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do you love your parents? Have you realized their great love to you?

Thanksgiving Day is on the way,Guest Posting would you please tell me who would you most like to say thanks from your inner heart? Teachers, colleagues, friends, spouse, or your parents?

Have you ever noticed that your parents just like the umbrellas? And they have given us a warm and beautiful world so that we can grow up happily and healthily. In my heart, my parents are the greatest umbrellas throughout the world. Many years have passed away, and there are a lot of various stories about the “umbrella” have stored in my mind, Thanksgiving Day is coming, and I am glad to share it with you.


In order to earn our living, my parents had to work very hard; they almost worked 12 hours every day. Therefore, as a Middle school student, I always stayed at home alone. When it got dark, I would sit by the door, and waited them come back, after a while, under the bright light of the moon, I caught the familiar figures, yeah, they were my parents. They did not talk with each other, the tiring work had made them out of the energy, and they just wanted to save the energy to walk home. However, every time when they closed to me, they would pretend to be energetic, and talked with me happily. They always tried their best to show me their best moods, and they never complained the hardship of their work to me, so that I can pay all my attention on learning. However, under the great working pressure, I had noticed the white hair had appeared on their heads, and the wrinkles appeared on their faces too. I felt quite sour; they have used their youth and health to give me a happy life, just like the umbrella, it protects you from the rainstorm.


Even when I was a pupil, I had understand that I should try my best to make my parents happy, so in order to make them happy, the only thing I can do is to get the excellent credits on my courses. Therefore every time when I got the certificate of merit from school, I would show it to them as soon as possible, and then they would show their light smile to me. My parents would make more delicious dishes to reward my good performance on the school learning. During the dinner, they always told me that: “you are excellent, and we are proud of you; but you should never stop striving, you should keep on, and make greater performance in the future”. And I would smile and replied with the sentences that: “yeah, I got it, you have told me that many times.” Then they would smile with me.
I like their smiles, and I really sincerely hope that my “umbrellas” can smile all the time.

I believe that you have heard a lot of stories about the umbrellas. Have you ever heard some umbrella storied about parents? Our parents have tried their best to support this warm and beautiful umbrella, so no matter how serious the stores and snow is, no matter how horrible the lightning is, the “umbrellas” will be always our safe “harbor”.

Have you understood the importance of this “umbrella” ( )? Have you understood the great love of your parents? Thanksgiving Day is coming, please tell your parents loudly that you love them so much.

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