Law Of Attractions and Finding That Perfect Someone

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Want to find that certain someone, your soul mate? Use the law of attractions to do that. To find love you must send out love.

    Recognize that you have the courage within you to fulfill the purpose of your birth.  Summon forth the power of your inner courage and live the life of your dreams.- Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaDoubt limits you from what is already yours,Guest Posting but faith unlocks the door allowing you to walk in and receive it.- Jeannette Tyson GregoryMaybe it is because I am getting older and no longer dream of the knight on the white horse saving me. Perhaps that is why I notice as I go around the social networks I belong to, that so many are dreaming about love. They do not just dream about love they complain constantly about the lack of love in their lives. They act as if some stranger decided one day to take away the love out of their lives. They hold on to lovers already gone since eternity, or they dream about a partner coming into their life to give them everything they are not able to give themselves. They start online relationships with a feeling of hope, bordering on desperation. Now I do not look down on anyone for looking for love. We all need love in our lives. Babies die without love. Old people need to have something to love so that is why pet therapy works so well. I think what I have trouble with is the desperation and the looking outside themselves for love. Or the fantasy of a prince charming will come and solve all their problems. One day he will knock on the door, take them away, to live in a castle far away from reality. The belief something outside ourselves can bring us happiness. Other people as I read their writings are surviving a bad relationship. One where they are abused every day yet they hold on to the belief it will get better. Having been there and done that let me tell you that it won't get better and to get yourself out of there. You are being held a love prisoner from your very desperation for love. There is no love there but I know from experience that you do not know how to get out of this prison. Do you have friends that are in this situation? Are you in this situation? Do you feel lonely and unloved. Are you dreaming of that person who will come along and take you out of your misery? The bad news is that no one is going to save you but you. The good news is that You can do what it takes to feel loved. All the love you want to experience is inside you. The good news is YOU can do a lot yourself to be and feel loved.Let me explain.Law of Attraction says like attracts like. Boy I was in denial about this one. I would whine “But I am not like that.” I would never chose that kind of life or person.” Well, the truth is I was like that. I also could not think of anything but what I wanted. And WANT is what I got. All my subconscious heard was WANT. What the Universe was responding to was my subconscious thoughts that perhaps there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was unlovable, after all I was not finding what I wanted. The law of attraction works both ways it responds to our positive thoughts and to our negative ones. So what is the first things to do when you want a relationship and aren’t finding what you want?1. Start loving yourself. Now this sounds like something you can do right. Find things about yourself that you love. Write them down. Make a clear statement about them. Example: I love myself unconditionally. I love my body it looks good always. I am beautiful. I love my mind it is inquiring and interested in a lot of different subjects. I am intelligent. I love my soul it brings inner peace, beauty and understanding into my life. Say this to yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 2. Now turn this desire over to the Universe. Let the Universe bring to you that which you desire. Put it in your God box. 3. Give what you would like to get in the world. In this case it is love. Give love and respect to every person who crosses your path or walks by your side. Give love to the Mom in the grocery store who is yelling at her kid. Give love to the checker who is frazzled from working too much overtime. Give love to your co-workers, to your neighbor who you really do not like. Pray for them quietly in your mind and send them love. 4. Stop thinking about what you do not have get out of yourself and into other people. Be the love you want to attract. Then you are sending out into the Universe that which you want to attract back. The Universe requires we give first and then receive, what you are giving is your vibrations which you have raise by loving you and sending love to others.Further ReadingThe Law of Attraction for Love: The Secret to Finding Your Soul Mate by Debbie Frank, Karma BennettFinding Your Soul Mate (Paperback)by Russ MichaelFinding Your Soul Mate Handbook: The Journey of Attracting and Creating Loving and Successful Relationships (Paperback)by Evelyn K. Rice "Tune into Love, Attract Romance Through the Power of Vibrational Matching" Margaret McCraw's ,  

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