The Top 10 Daily Mind Discipline Practices

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Do you find yourself choosing to make changes in your life, wherein you do well ... your new plan for a few days to a few weeks, only to lose ... give up on your new plan and wonder wha

Do you find yourself choosing to make changes in your life,Guest Posting wherein you do well implementing your new plan for a few days to a few weeks, only to lose momentum, give up on your new plan and wonder what ever happened to the motivation you once had? If so, you could benefit from adhering to a well thought out plan that incorporates daily mind discipline practices that, when adhered to formulate new habits, and facilitate making desired changes in your life. The following are ten of the Daily Mind Discipline Practices that will set you free and get you started to creating your desired life circumstances.

1.Set and achieve daily goals.

You can’t get from Here to There until you know where There is. First, set realistic, yet stretchy specific goals for yourself for the upcoming year. Then, prioritize them and decide which ones will be achieved by when, so that you can set monthly and weekly goals for yourself. Let these longer term goals be your road map for the daily goals you set for yourself. Check off your daily goals as you accomplish them. Revisit your long term goals monthly, and revise them accordingly.

2.Take quality time out every day for the special people in your life.

Life is extremely short. Sometimes, we tend to get so caught up Doing life that we forget to connect with the people we love most. Take a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes a day to connect with the people whom you hold dearest to your heart. Even if it’s just a simple telephone call to let someone know you were thinking about him or her and/or miss and love him or her. Or maybe you’ll choose to play with them. Such times of connection will not only improve your external relationships, but it will also improve your relationship with yourself as you nurture your heart and fulfill our innate human need for love and connection.

3.Follow through with a well-planned exercise regimen.

Plan an exercise regimen wherein you participate in some type of physical exercise a minimum of 2-3 times per week. Consult your physician to ensure that the exercise regimen you’re choosing for yourself is recommended by a professional. Once you’ve gotten clearance, ease your way in to your exercise routine such that you do not overdo it, yet you’re able to give your body the exercise it craves. Your health will be greatly improved, as well as your appearance, energy level, and self-esteem.

4.Set and uphold your personal standards and boundaries.

You must implement a tremendous amount of discipline to uphold your personal standards and boundaries. Set your standards for how you will treat people in your life, as well as your boundaries for how you expect people to treat you. Keep your standards and boundaries consistent with each other. For instance, it’s not okay to verbally criticize others, yet expect others to never verbally criticize you. Communicate your boundaries to the people in your life, and let them know if they’re not upholding the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. Part of respecting and loving yourself includes living the life of your choosing, with people who respect your personal boundaries.

5.Eat a healthy, well-planned diet.

Discipline yourself to nurture your body with healthy food and you will also be nurturing your life. Cut out the greasy or sugar filled junk foods, and replace them with healthy vegetables and fruits. Consult your doctor or a licensed nutritionist for the eating regimen that will best suit your needs. By disciplining yourself to eating a healthy diet, you will consistently experience an abundance of energy and vitality.

6.Practice daily prayer and/or meditation.

Prayer or meditation puts you in a state of oneness, deep appreciation, and peace. It’s the time when you nurture and feed your soul and bond with your creative, loving Source energy. Practiced regularly, you will feel peaceful and experience a supportive confidence. Appreciate and take advantage of this support.

7.Live in integrity.

Living in integrity means you will always be telling the truth, and living in alignment with your true character, morals and values. For instance, if you espouse peaceful communication and resolution, you are not going to go home and scream at and beat your children or spouse. By practicing living in integrity, you raise your self-esteem, as well as gain the respect and trust of others around you.

8.Follow the “career” path of your choosing.

Everyone has unique talents and strengths. Recognize and own these talents and strengths and choose to utilize them in a career that you love. Don’t pursue a career path solely out of external obligation or expectation. The more you enjoy your work, the more joy you will experience and emit. If you are not on path to the career of your choice, formulate a plan to get any additional training you may need, and go for it! You will be doing what you enjoy, and you will succeed!

9.Incorporate the Laws of Abundance in to your daily life.

Discipline your mind to live your life in accordance with the Laws of Abundance. That is, choose daily to give to others and receive from others unconditionally. Do not give to receive. Instead, give freely to others from your heart. Likewise, graciously receive the gifts offered to you, whether evidenced by physical things, or compliments, etc. Giving with love, and receiving with appreciation and gratitude will free you, and open you up to manifesting effortless abundance in to your life.

10.Keep your physical surroundings clean and organized.

External clutter leads to unnecessary internal clutter, inefficiency, and confusion. How much time do you waste searching for items or important paperwork? Discipline yourself to forming habits of keeping your possessions and paperwork put away in their proper places, as well as keeping your surroundings clean. You will feel freer, more at ease, and your mind will be clearer to handle various daily tasks.

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