Will Power And Self-Discipline In Your Online Business

Sep 16


German Calvo

German Calvo

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In your online business, there are quite a number of things that you have to master in order to be successful, but few can compare in importance to will-power and self- discipline. You are going to be tested in so many ways, while building your business that you are going to need these two qualities so important in your life almost every day. It is no good carrying on procrastinating and taking no action about different things that we all know are absolutely necessary in your online business.


In your online business,Will Power And Self-Discipline In Your Online Business Articles there are quite a number of things that you have to master in order to be successful, but few can compare in importance to will-power and self- discipline. You are going to be tested in so many ways, while building your business that you are going to need these two qualities so important in your life almost every day. It is no good carrying on procrastinating and taking no action about different things that we all know are absolutely necessary in your online business.

So often you may want to do things that you know are beneficial and important for your business online yet, if you do not actually take action to get them done, you see that time carries on regardless and very little is achieved. This sort of thing happens to most of us, especially when we lack will power and have no self-discipline. So keep reading because I will cover a few ways to develop will-power and acquire self- discipline. 

I don’t want you to keep wishing you had will power and self-discipline. Instead, I am going to show how to get these qualities to make a great difference in your life. When you start eliminating the habits that stop you from going forward, like laziness, excessive eating, smoking and procrastination, you will be on your way to recognize that you are getting more will-power and the self-discipline. Having more of these qualities is absolutely necessary to do well in your online business. 

But how do you get will-power, how do you begin to understand will-power. Well, if you think, like many people do, that will-power is something very arduous or difficult, or that you have to tense your body and brain to express it, you are mistaken. Don’t believe it because I am going to show some strategies that will convince you it is not difficult to develop will-power. 

When you don’t value insignificant, unnecessary and unhealthy ideas, feelings, actions and reactions that don’t empower you, you are showing you posses will- power. This energy is stored inside you and can be available any time you need it to accomplish anything your want.

We will cover later some exercises you can do to gain a lot of will-power, but now let us talk about self-discipline and why you need it for your life and your business. You could say that when you make decisions for your business and carry them through to fruition, you have some self discipline because you have not allowed instant gratification and pleasure take you away from your desired course. Indeed that is a good definition of self-discipline because your actions allowed you to stay with the course that you selected before-hand. 

Is this skill useful and required in everyone’s life? Absolutely! Without it, as we touched before, you would not stick with your decisions and would have a hard time achieving your goals in business. When you have it, your actions, thoughts and behaviour are in line with a better and more fulfilling life because your inner strength and will-power overcome addictions, and other negative traits like procrastination, laziness and lack of focus, to allow you to achieve whatever you want to do in online business.

So why would you not develop self-discipline? You do know how useful and required it is for success in your personal life and of course in your business world too, so fortify it, embrace it and develop it further. Remember that lack of discipline may lead you to failure in reaching your goals. But on the other hand, actions described above that demonstrate you have self-discipline, leads to self-assurance, inner strength and self regard, as well as to complete satisfaction and happiness.

There are lots of issues and challenges along the path of success, accomplishment and wealth in business and you want to rise above all of them to become successful in whatever you do. You want and need to have perseverance, persistence and sheer will power in order to also overcome other negative traits like smoking, drinking, eating disorders and other damaging habits like drug addition, procrastination and laziness. 

Here is what self-discipline can do for you, in addition to those qualities mentioned above:

  • It allows you to regulate and control anger, indecision, appetite and various other natural responses. 
  • You can eliminate many types of temptations which you do not need like gossiping or gambling, overeating or watching too much television.
  • It can certainly rescue you from throwing in the towel when things are tough in the business world or in your personal life, by giving you the strength to keep going.
  • With it you can get great relationships with others, by not feeling easily hurt or disturbed with what sometimes people do or say to you.
  • It gives you better control over the need to accomplish the goals you set for yourself in your online business, as well as having total control over your responses, needs and thoughts.

There are so many more qualities that self-discipline can bring to you… 

But how can you develop these inner qualities of will-power and self-discipline? Well, will-power can be obtained gradually and it all depends really on your desire to get it. And you do not require huge monumental feats of effort to achieve it. Don’t believe those who tell you that to get will-power require you to go through great suffering or physical mutilation.

In fact, anyone can become powerful with will-power simply by the challenge of eliminating everything that you know is harmful for you in many areas of your personal and business life. By giving up adverse and useless things that take your time to make you weak, you gain in strength according to how many of these bad habits you can stop. Repeating this process is the challenge you need to make your life more absorbing, gratifying and interesting.

The will power that you want is not something that can be achieved in one day. You can only developed it bit by bit, over a period of time and it is something that doesn’t depend on feelings, emotions, un-focus enthusiasm or even optimism. Instead this gradual ability, developed over a period of time, if it turns into a habit, it is something so special that you can use over and over again whenever and wherever you require it. 

This training of the will-power extends or inter-relates with self-discipline since the taking of gradual steps to obtain will-power requires another great quality as we’ve covered before called self-discipline. So, carry on this way because with self discipline you also get self-control which is another way of calling self-discipline. Using self-control wisely is one of the most important tools you can have for self-improvement and for accomplishing success online.

What else does self-control do? I can do a lot of things really, like keeping under control any self-destructive, addictive, compulsive and obsessive action. It can enhance the sense of personal mastery and balance over your life. And it can remove any feelings of weakness and being too dependent on other people. It also enables you to take control over your life. And there are many other qualities that self-control brings to your life. 

Self-control also has to act against many obstacles like truly understanding what self-control really is about; or about deficiencies of the desire to alter and improve. And it has to act against solid and uncontrolled emotional responses. Also, do not allow self- control to be considered a restricting and unpleasant activity. 

How do you develop self-control? You first find out what areas of your life need more self-control and these could be: Drinking, Betting, Smoking, Obsessive behaviour, Eating and then attempt to identify emotions that lack control, like being angry, dissatisfied, sadness, resentment, delight or fearfulness. See if you can isolate the thoughts and emotions that push you to act in an unrestrained manner. 

Here are a few exercises that you can do to gain will-power, self-discipline and self- control: A) Refrain from saying things that are offensive or negative to other groups of people. B) Overlook the gossip useless pages of newspapers. C) When you desire to eat unhealthy meals, discard the thought and prepare yourself an alternative healthy one. D) Try not to drink your tea with sugar for a week if you normally take sugar with your tea. E) Get up straight away at the set time to do it, instead of thinking about it. F) Develop the habit of finishing what you started. 

But there are so many more things similar to those above to create an unstoppable muscle to develop your inner strength. The point here is that you do not want to continue making your life hard by doing the things you don’t like. Consider instead making your life ‘easy’ by doing the things that most people think hard to do. These skills are vital for your will-power, self-discipline, your personal life and your online business. 

German Calvo