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There are various DJs around the world who have different qualifications as well as different degree of DJ experience.  There is also local as well as international DJs. The popularity of the DJs is determined by their ability to a quality performance. Some DJs are so famous that even people who neither go to night clubs nor listen to music know them. Moreover some of these top DJ list are successful while others are failures.Most top DJ list fail due to their inability to spin music in the nightclubs. This is not because they do not qualify to be a DJ or those they do not the mixing technique as well as the music but they fail to understand the business side of being a DJ in a nightclub.The DJ must get acquitted to the fact that their main purpose in a night club is making the most money possibly through selling numerous bottles of beer through maximizing the number of customers that enters the nightclub.  Most managers expect rewards for the employment of the DJ.  That entire top DJ list should do in a nightclub is entertain the audience as well as the selling of beer.  If one happens to ask a DJ to brag about his work in a nightclub,Guest Posting he would brag about his ability download music and play around with the music in a computer. The top DJ list concentrate on bragging bout their ability to make a nightclub be packed d with a good number of their friends and fans.A good top DJ list must never brag about his skills but must be able to handle the crown. A DJ must swallow his pride at the door while entering the nightclub. On the other hand, to manage the crowd appropriately, one must be skillful.  Being in a capability of varying the dance floor as well as having good customer services expertise, makes one a quality top DJ list. Proper handling of the crowd is of great importance in a nightclub.  A DJ with proper expertise of managing a crowd can easily and swiftly pack the dance floor as well as unpack the dance floor.  Crowd should be entertained thoroughly, make them feel excited and sometimes make them feel calmed down.  This helps a lot in diffusing the tense circumstances. For instance, “First when I was employed as a DJ, my boss told me that the floor would be packed with rowdy school students hence I had to do something to empty the floor. Although I had the latest heats, I had to play the out fashioned songs to unpack the floor” a DJ comments.  Another way of handling such crowd would be playing low energy dance music to calm down the rowdy boys. Top DJ list can also control the crowd by ensuring that the crowd remains active for the rest of the night. Through starting with soft songs that do not require application of more energy, will help them keep going until when they start tiring. This is when the introduction of vigorous songs would be applicable. This helps them to become active once again. Remember that the main purpose of having a top DJ list in a night club is to entertain the crowd as well as sell the beer. When the crowd is dancing, it means that they are not drinking. There is great need to make them drink to achieve the selling services. A DJ can now rotate the floor and make those people who are drinking go to the dance floor and make those who were dancing, go to drinking. This is done without hesitation no matter the music play line of the nightclub. There are some DJ who feel good and qualified when the floor is packed especially with their friend. They tend to forget their main work is to sell and keep the crowd entertained. Although when the floor is packed this means that they are doing good, but it would be damaging for the nightclub when they are not realizing any sales.   In terms of DJs that play top club songs, there role would be to keep people dancing.A DJ should avoid just packing the floor, but take this as an advantage of rotating the floor to promote the selling of the beer as well. Responding adequately to the customers services is what they forget. If the DJ could concentrate as much on the customer services as much as the mixing of the music, they would be among the top most DJs across the world. 

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