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Often the little choices we make in our clothes shopping and wardrobe contents are reflected in our bigger choices and in our lives.  What choices does your wardrobe reflect?

Have you ever been clothes shopping,Guest Posting or worn clothes? Just kidding Ok, this applies to you, please read on.

Remember that time when you saw an item of clothing on the rack or shop window and decided to try it on. And having tried it on, there was something about it which was not quite right, not quite you. Maybe it was a bit tight on the shoulders, sleeves were a bit too long. Maybe the colour wasn’t your best. But even with all that, did you go ahead and buy it anyway? Maybe it itched but it looked fantastic, and besides what’s a little discomfort to look this good?

So, where is the item of clothing now? Is it at the back of the wardrobe, still unworn, not seeing the light of day. Have a look through the contents of your wardrobe. Is there anything else in there which no longer fits? Is a bit old? Too small? Too big? Or you have just plain gotten tired of?  Perhaps there are clothes in your wardrobe that are old favourites, soo comfy but shabby, worn and out of date? While they’re comfy, they stop you from looking your absolute best keep you from shining? Or perhaps you have clothes in your wardrobe that you didn’t choose. Someone else chose them for you, and you may be wearing them anyway to please the buyer.

If any of the above got you nodding and saying yes, take a long hard look at the contents of your wardrobe again. Now, how many areas of your life are there that don’t quite fit, you have grown out of, don’t suit you any more but you haven’t noticed? Are there areas of your life that you have put to the back of your mind, and haven’t sent the light of day or clear thought? Are there areas of your life that you didn’t choose, someone else chose for you and you are putting up with the results? Are there areas in your life where you are indeed comfortable, but you no longer shine, you are in a bit of a rut, and it may be time to move on a little. Perhaps there is an area of your life that itches a little, it has some discomfort, but it looks so goood?

“So what?”  I hear you say. Well, if you are totally happy with your wardrobe contents and your life, then leave well alone.

But, if there are clothes and parts of your life that itch, are uncomfortable, look shabby and out of date or that you didn’t choose. Maybe it is indeed time to look at your choices and decisions.

First up, an easy action. Get a couple of bin liners, and clear out your wardrobe, all the old shabbies, tight fittings, or too bigs – straight into the bin bags. Go on. Surprise your favourite charity with some extra donations.

Now, notice that even though there may be less in your wardrobe –how much more space is in there. All your choices fit,  and even better they make you look your best. In fact, you have even more choices now with fewer clothes. How does that work?

Once you have cleaned out your wardrobe, and seen how easy it is to get more choices. Get a sheet of paper and make a list of all the areas of your life that itch, don’t fit and are uncomfortable. Make a separate list of the areas of your life you did not choose and are putting up with. Finally make a list of things in your life which are out of date and it is time to clear out. This list may include jobs, items, knick knacks, thoughts, feelings, people who you do not want to stay in touch with or habits.

Once these lists are done, you can make some decisions. Look carefully at each item you have listed and ask yourself honestly do you want to change? If yes, then it is time to get a strategy together to move on. If you can do this yourself go ahead. It is easier with support and help from a good friend or a coach to assist and add clarity.

Take small steps initially. Start with the simple areas of your life you want to clean out. Then with confidence move on to the bigger areas. Recognise and celebrate each success and see your choices grow with each step.

 Tick off each item on your lists and see the changes.  Now you have more space and choices in both your wardrobe and your life – Is it time to go shopping?

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