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More and more developers, initially skeptical of game art outsourcing for their productivity and business, are now reaping the rewards of a process designed to make the work-flow simple and the creation of new games a lot more streamlined and effective. So, just as the United States has emerged as a leader of sorts in the world of gaming revenue, countries in the Asia-Pacific, like India, China and South Korea are making their presence felt as the game art outsourcing companies of these nations seem to be bringing a lot to the table.

While 2D and 3D animation outsourcing may be a tricky business because of the cultural factors and the creativity roadblocks involved,Guest Posting there is no denying the fact that a team of dedicated artists working miles away from the company headquarters, can give a great head start to any project.

Important strategies to consider before committing your idea and hiring an outside agency are related to creative alignment issues and to put it bluntly, the skill-set and ability of the workers. Also, planning wisely and creating a budget for the team hired, must be handled well. Making the studio create a test asset for you is key to finding out if the promises being made by the client are really true, so a dedicated collaborator must have the tools to impress. Along with clear communication, the safest way to ensure quality is to maintain strict deadlines. Only then can a synchronicity be achieved between the parent developer and the outsourced content provider. Development cycles are given a great boost and costs are surprisingly reduced once an outsourced project is under way. All stages of production are outsourcing candidates but some stages lend themselves naturally to the process. When 3D game art is processed, artwork and character animation are most likely to be handled by the developers working away from the parent organization. Quality control and bug testing on the other hand, are done by the content providers to assist the vital testing stage.

 Also, the massive influx of mobile phone users and the ubiquity of the handheld device offer more opportunities for developers to eye a wider audience and make a few bucks. Mobile game art outsourcing may not require the skill or the workforce required for a FIFA or a Call of Duty, but mobile gaming is no laughing matter with profits exceeding millions of dollars and downloads crossing the billion mark.

 So, while the positives to HTML game art outsourcing or console game art outsourcing may be many, it is a wise option to consider twice before hiring your team. Dhruva, a top game art outsourcing company strives to be ahead of the game with its crew of dedicated professionals who offer their quality services to help create a better overall gaming experience. Being hardcore gamers themselves, the team of Dhruva knows what it takes to give the gamer sitting at home a chance to have a visually rich and thrilling time playing their favorite game. To get your idea up and running into the hearts and minds of the audience, look no further than Dhruva.


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