The Top 10 Tricks For Your IPOD

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Find out the latest and greatest tips for your Ipod.

1.  A common complaint when using the iPod is that the battery seems to run down before you do,Guest Posting even when just listening to music—and what good is an accessory that stops before you have?  That's why the first tip is the simplest way to help prevent your battery from going dead in the first place:  put it on hold when you're not actively pressing buttons.  By putting your iPod on hold, you tell it that it can ignore input on the controls and it prevents your screen from becoming activated.  This in turn helps to reduce the battery usage.


2.  If you've ever wanted to build a playlist quickly that contained certain years of music, certain styles of music, or just a certain artist, then you probably wish you'd known about Smart Playlists.  To create a new Smart Playlist, open iTunes and go to “File ’ New Smart Playlist”, fill out the rules, limits, and then click OK.


3.  Your iPod contains all your music and your videos, but it's such a small screen.  Wouldn't it be great if you could plug it in to a television?  You can!  The Apple Component Cable for your iPod ($19.99) plugs in to the bottom of your iPod and then straight in to your television, allowing you to play music and video from your iPod on your television!


4.  You need to give a presentation, so you pack your presentation on to a flash drive to take to work, fiddle with getting your computer hooked up, and then have to mess with a clunky remote to flip through the slides.  Why didn't you just store it on your iPod?  Although the iPod itself cannot handle a presentation file, it has software to turn presentations in to JPEGs to be stored on the iPod.  This will allow you to give your presentations straight off your favorite musical device.


5.  Another great thing about the iPod for presentations is the ability to use it as a laser pointer.  The device you will need is called the Griffin iBeam ($19.95) and will allow you to use your iPod as both a flash light and as a laser pointing device.  Not only will you be able to spin through your presentation, but you'll be able to highlight important points with the same device.


6.  You've used iTunes for years, ripped hundreds of CDs, bought a ton of songs, and I bet you know that you have duplicate songs—you just aren't sure which ones.  iTunes can do this for you now; to find duplicate songs, right-click your music library, select “View ’  Show Duplicate Tracks” and iTunes will show you every track that it believes to be a duplicate.


7.  Ever wanted to know what playlists a song is in?  This is simple—right-click the track and select “View ’ Playlists” and it will show you every playlist containing the song.


8.  You've gotten the music off your computer and on to your iPod, but you accidentally deleted your favorite track off your computer and now the only copy you have left is on your iPod.  Although iTunes doesn't give you a way to do it, you can move your music from your iPod back to your computer.  For this, you will need a free piece of software; SyncPod comes highly recommended.  Just plug in your iPod, start the software, and set it up to copy the contents of your iPod to a folder on your hard drive.


9.  It's highly unlikely in today's world to have a one iPod household.  If you're tired of having your playlists tampered with or having to sort through the garbage that is the other person's musical collection, you probably wish they had a separate library for each person.  They do; it's just hidden.  The only way to access this multiple library feature is by holding shift when you double-click the iTunes program.  When it should be opening up, it will instead give you a dialog allowing you to choose a different library.


10.  The most powerful trick for an iPod is replacing the software that comes on it with iPod Linux.  Doing so will allow your iPod to become a web browser, gaming device, music player, and open up a new slew of software that can be run on it.  To do this, all you need to do is ensure that your device is supported and then download the iPod Linux Installer.  With your device plugged in, run the installer and voila!  Your iPod should be an unstoppable handheld computer, ready to do more things than ever before.

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