How to fix it when your PS5 won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Dec 3


Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan

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If you can’t place it anywhere else, you may have to invest in a Wi-Fi extender, which can be plugged into a nearby wall to strength your connection. Restart the PS5 and router There are those frustrating times when either your PS5 or router just needs a refresher. Simply restarting these can do the trick.


In this article,How to fix it when your PS5 won’t connect to Wi-Fi Articles we will discuss how you can fix issues with your PS5’s Wi-Fi connection. On technical grounds, fixing the Wi-Fi connection with PS5 is among some of the most straightforward things that can be done. However, sometimes unprecedented errors can make a situation a bit more challenging. At that instance, you will have to go through different methods of troubleshooting to unlock your PS5’s online features.


In the titles mentioned below, we have discussed how you can fix a PS5 facing issues in establishing a connection with a Wi-Fi setup.

Make sure that the problem persists with your PS5 and not the Wi-Fi connection

In case your console cannot connect with your router, then cross-check your router by connecting your laptop, phone, or PC. If every other gadget can make a connection, then proceed further to fix your PS5 with the steps mentioned below; before that, you can try restarting your router at first. It may sound a bit elementary, but restarting the router may sometimes work as the most effective fix. Restarting your Wi-Fi will help you create a new connection with your service provider. It often fixes the bugs. So better try restarting the router at first.

Bring your router and PS5 close

Move your PS5 and router a bit closer if they are residing far away from each other. It doesn’t matter if other devices can successfully build a connection with the same Wi-Fi, even if they are located far away. They might have a different Wi-Fi chip.
When you move your PS5 close to your router, you will receive stronger signals over the network.

You can otherwise opt for a more powerful router or get hands-on with a Wi-Fi extender, which will help you increase the efficiency of the signal.

Reconnect your PS5 with your router from scratch by deleting the login details

From the list of available connections, you need to delete your Wi-Fi/router. Once you have deleted your connection details and made your console forget about them, you then have to re-connect your console with your Wi-Fi in a similar way you connected it for the first time.

Change your DNS settings

The DNS server configured by the internet service provider may not always be effective and may cause several connectivity issues. So, it is recommended that you change your DNS on your PS5. You can run a benchmark test on your PC to figure out the best performing DNS for your connection.

A DNS Bench test allows users to compare all commercial DNS addresses available with their connection, leaving it totally on the users which one they want to opt for.

Try connecting your PS5 and router with an Ethernet cable

If none of the above-mentioned fixes work for you, connecting your router and console through an Ethernet cable will be the last option left for you. This method promises users a proper connection, but it won’t be happening through Wi-Fi. However, the quality of the connection an Ethernet will offer you is unmatchable. You may require a long Ethernet cable if your router and console are located very far from each other. If this comes out to be the case, you will need a proper cable management to prevent your home from a clustered look.

So, these were some of the best ways to fix issues with your console’s connection with the Wi-Fi.

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