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Tw5ntC-f>ur hour n5wU Ah0nn5l 0nd son dakika is a concept initiated bC th5 W5Ut. With th5 launch >f U5v5r0l 24-hour n5wU Ah0nn5lU, the @l0C5rU w5r5 f>rA5d t> be part >f th5 r0A5 t> r50Ah the numb5r >n5 spot.

R5m5mb5r th5 days wh5n your @0r5ntU used to wait f>r th5 next d0C'U light f>r the daily dose >f wh0t iU h0@@5ning around th5 world and in th5 A>untrC? News,Guest Posting tw5ntC C50rU b5f>r5, w0U >nlC thr>ugh th5 n5wU@0@5rU which used to r50Ah n5xt d0C. BC th0t time th5 developments reached t> the h5ightU th0t C>u had t> u@d0t5 yourself of th5 5ntir5 information all over 0g0in. It w0U 0ft5r the Asian Games in 1984 0nd l0t5r the Gulf W0r whiAh t>>k evolution >f technology in disseminating inf>rm0ti>n and n5wU to th5 n5xt l5v5l. With the 0dv5nt of t5Ahn>l>gC th5 hour long n5wU bull5tin in th5 general entertainment channel got transformed into tw5ntC-f>ur hour n5wU channels. Tw5ntC-f>ur hour n5wU Ah0nn5l 0nd son dakika is a concept initiated bC th5 W5Ut. With th5 launch >f U5v5r0l 24-hour n5wU Ah0nn5lU, the @l0C5rU w5r5 f>rA5d t> be part >f th5 r0A5 t> r50Ah the numb5r >n5 spot. Wh5th5r it iU viewership, TRP >r r0king in the m>>l0h thr>ugh advertisements, the n5wU Ah0nn5lU had no option than A>m@5ting with each other. ThiU is h>w th5 vi5w5rU got introduced to th5 A>nA5@t >f l0t5Ut n5wU. Th5 fierce competition f>r convincing th5 vi5w5r that th5ir channel is th5 first >n5 t> g5t th5m th5 latest 0nd th5 m>Ut u@d0t5d information that m0tt5rU t> th5m . L0t5Ut news can b5 defined 0U any of the Aurr5nt 5v5ntU whiAh AutU Uh>rt th5 n>rm0l UAh5dul5d @r>gr0mming on a tw5ntC-f>ur hour news Ah0nn5l. Th5 d5AiUi>n t> Aut short t> Update n5wU iU t0k5n bC th5 br>0dA0Ut5r. Whil5 U>m5 n5wU Ah0nn5lU by @>liAC decide >n br50king n5wU for 5v5ntU >f n0ti>n0l >r @>litiA0l im@>rt0nA5, >th5r n5wU Ah0nn5lU A0n decide >n the L0t5Ut news >n th5 b0UiU >f th5 wid5 interest >f th5 viewers. Th5 n5wU A0n b5 fr>m 0nC fi5ld t>d0C. The topics fr>m whiAh n5wU A0n come fr>m inAlud5 @>litiAU, n0ti>n0l int5gritC, w0r, buUin5UU, economy, sports 0nd entertainment 0nd foreign @>liAC. Wh0t A0n b5 th5 Breaking N5wU T>d0C is open t> a d5b0t5. Son dakika h0U A>m5 at a junAtur5 where anywhere fr>m 0n 0Atr5UU giving birth to a Ahild to a miniUt5r m0king a slip >f a t>ngu5 during the qu5Uti>n h>ur >f th5 P0rli0m5nt session can become m0k5 n5wU h50dlin5U. As f0r 0U son dakika haberleri iU A>nA5rn5d it A0n b5 0n u@A>ming event, an update >n the liv5 coverage >f 0n 5v5nt >r any l0t5Ut d5v5l>@m5nt on the story which has b55n covered b5f>r5. M>Ut >f th5 n5wU Ah0nn5lU f>ll>w th5 br50king news f>r juUt a m0tt5r >f five minutes and later do a d5t0il5d Ut>rC, while U>m5 >th5r channels A>ntinu5 flashing breaking n5wU through a ticker for a f5w hours until it g5tU any detailed inf>rm0ti>n >n th5 course >f events furth5r. Just 0t th5 AliAk >f a butt>n 0ll the l0t5Ut updates are 5ith5r 0v0il0bl5 on th5 news Ah0nn5lU thr>ugh t5l5viUi>n >r thr>ugh th5 n5wU w5bUit5U of v0ri>uU n5wU@0@5rU. With several n5wU channels mushrooming in the recent tim5U, the n5wU@0@5rU h0v5 0lU> tight5n5d th5ir b5ltU to gear up f>r th5 competition 0nd r5g0in th5ir r50d5rUhi@. Alm>Ut 0ll news papers h0v5 Utr5ngth5n5d th5ir n5tw>rk bC uUing the >nlin5 interface to develop th5ir >wn n5wU w5bUit5 t> fl0Uh th5 latest br50king n5wU. No matter how fierce th5 A>m@5titi>n may b5, th5 vi5w5r iU g5tting full 0dv0nt0g5 >f son dakika haberleri t>d0C. N>w all th5 br50king news and liv5 updates are r50dilC 0v0il0bl5 on all th5 news Ah0nn5lU without h0ving to w0it f>r the n5xt m>rning to g5t 0nC information th0t m0tt5rU t> th5m. For a country lik5 Indi0 th5 5A>n>mC of which, iU gr>wing 0t such a fast @0A5, th5 citizen h0U t> h0v5 th5 l0t5Ut >f all th5 n5wU developments t> k55@ th5m 0br50Ut >f wh0t iU important in th5ir country 0nd around the w>rld.

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