The Stand Will be Premiered on STARZPLAY

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STARZPLAY is available on a wide variety of platforms, including Apple TV, Prime Video Channels and the STARZPLAY App for iOs and Android.

The Stand,Guest Posting a series based on a best-selling book penned by Stephen King, will get a release on STARZPLAY.

The release of the post-apocalyptic series has been set to be January the 3rd for Europe and South America.

STARZPLAY is an upper-tier streaming platform developed by Starz, and today it announced that it has now owned the streaming rights for the limited series “The Stand”; a series adaptation of a post-apocalyptic novel penned by Stephen King in 1978.


STARZPLAY added that now it has owned the distribution rights of the film for the global audience. The streaming service will stream the series in countries such as Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Latin America, Japan, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, and Spain. The release date for the premiere has been set to be January the 3rd, 2021.

“The Stand” is a 1978 post-apocalyptic novel written by Stephen King. The story dealt with a world crippled by a plague and reeling with an eternal fight between light and darkness. The future of humanity massively depends on the will and abilities of a 108-year-old woman Mother Abagail and her companions. Mother Abigail and her friends are the only few survivors left on the dying planet.

Mother Abagail’s adversary is none other than a nightmare of a man named Randall Flagg, aka the Dark Man. Flagg has unfathomable powers and a bewitching smile. The role of Randall Flagg will be played by Alexander Skarsgard.

Even if you have read the book, you should watch the series because it will feature an ending which will be quite different than what you have read in the book. The ending for the miniseries has been written by the author of the book Stephen King himself.

Whoopi Goldberg (Mother Abagail) and Alexander Skarsgard (the Dark Man) will lead the cast. Apart from the duo, the miniseries will feature James Marsden, Odessa Young, Amber Heard (who has also tasted success with the superhit DCEU film Aquaman), Henry Zaga (recently seen in the New Mutants), Owen Teague, Brad William Henke, Irene Bedard, Nat Wolff, Heather Graham, Eion Bailey, Katherine McNamara(also known for Arrow), Fiona Dourif, Hamish Linklater, Natalie Martinez, Greg Kinnear, and Daniel Sunjata.

The show is a production of CBS Studios, and the responsibility for global distribution has been vested with ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group.

Benjamin Cavell has done his bit for the show both as a showrunner and as an executive producer. He has been supported by Taylor Elmore, Jimmy Miller, Will Weiske, and Richard P. Rubinstein.

It might be a nice time to become a subscriber of STARZPLAY because all the subscriber of the premium streaming platform will also get access to high-quality Starz content such as the limited series “The Spanish Princess” and an entertaining second episode of the Power Universe titled “Power Book II: Ghost” which stars Mary J. Blige in the leading roles. Along with that, you can also entertain yourself with the insightful comedy “Ramy,” which is a production of a very talented comedian Ramy Youssef. There are also award-winning series like “The Act” and “The Great” available for view on the platform.

However, if you don’t like any of those, you can treat yourself via a library consisting of hundreds of blockbusters.

“The Stand” will premiere on STARZPLAY on January the 3rd, 2020.


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