What is the ‘Evil Eye’ syndrome?

May 20


Sean M. Clarke

Sean M. Clarke

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Has this happened to you?You were looking for this beautiful piece of jewelry for ages – let’s say a necklace, and suddenly you find it while window shopping.

You save and scrimp in order to purchase it and one fine day you eventually acquire it!  But you notice that every time you wear it you feel uneasy,What is the ‘Evil Eye’ syndrome? Articles you get rashes on your throat, you have a bad day, and nothing goes right for you when you wear that necklace you love so much!  Ever wondered why it happens? According to the science of Spirituality ‘word, touch, form, taste, odor and its associated energy coexist’. According to this rule, the Energy of Will in the envious person is transmitted to the person about whom he is envious of. This thought being negative, the associated negative energy is also transmitted to that person and affects the concerned thing, organ or person.

When a person with strong will power gets negative thoughts about an individual, animal or object; or feels envious of the success of a person continuously, these negative thoughts create negative vibrations. These negative thoughts are then fortified by negative energies and they adversely affect the individual about whom these thoughts have occurred by their will power. It also affects the concerned object or organ.

One does not need to be a practitioner of black magic, even if it is an average person who has strong repeated thoughts about harming someone, they act like laser beams because all his energy gets concentrated on these thoughts.

How does one know that he is affected by the evil eye?

If a person suffers unexplained distress in any dimension of life one of the reasons could be being affected by the evil eye. One cannot ascertain whether one is affected by the evil eye through the medium of the five senses, mind and intellect. Only a spiritually evolved person i.e. a person whose spiritual level is above 70% can ascertain this.  The other option is to perform the ritual to cast off the Evil Eye and find out.

 How to do certain rituals to cast off the evil eye after effect?

The ‘ritual to cast off the evil eye’ is a process of sucking out the distressing vibrations or black energy present in the vital energy sheath and the mental sheath of the affected person into the substances used in the ritual. Thereafter the influence of the energy and vibrations in the substances is reduced by burning them.

By performing these simple do-at-home rituals one can avail the following benefits:

  1. Persons affected by the evil eye, black magic or tormented by ghosts benefit by the ‘ritual to cast off the evil eye’.
  2. The extent of reduction in distress is dependent on the extent of distress present. Generally ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) at the spiritual level of 40-45% and lower are most impacted by the ritual of casting off the evil eye.
What are the different ways that one can perform the ritual to cast off the evil eye?

There are various ways one can perform the ritual to remove the malevolent frequencies or black energy harassing a person.

These rituals may be unfamiliar but they can be performed by anyone by simply following the methodology explained on our website.  One does not necessarily need to go to a spiritual healer.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) prescribes these tried and tested, extremely result-oriented methods of overcoming the evil eye such as:-

  1. The Salt and mustard seeds method
  2. The Coconut method
  3. The Alum Method
  4. Specific Prayer to Specific Aspect of God

To find out how to overcome the evil eye and more on these methods such as which method to use, how often the ritual needs to be done etc. click on the link below to see the easy step-by-step methods with lucid demonstrations:

spiritual ritual of casting off the evil eye


Since the root cause of the Evil Eye is spiritual in nature, it can at best and completely be overcome only through appropriate spiritual remedies.  In order to have a life free from problems which have a root cause of spiritual nature, one needs to practice Spirituality based on the 5 Basic Principles of Spirituality.