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Fellow Netprenuers,


An internet marketer can advertise it's business/web site by these methods:

(A) Word of mouth advertising

(B) Flyers or leaflets

(C) Business cards

(D) Direct mailing

(E) Networking

While it is very necessary for Internet marketers to advertise their web sites on the internet,Guest Posting it's equally essential for internet marketers to advertise their businesses offline.

(1) Word of mouth advertising: Talk to your friends, families, and other people about your web site, they know you, they can trust you better than strangers, tell them about the benefits your web site have for them. Remember that you are selling them the benefits and not the features, for examples, your benefits can be: they will save some percentage of money when they buy at your site,your customers will get free deliveries, you must always sell the benefits and nothing else, ask your friends and families if they will be kind enough to give you the names, telephone numbers, email addresses of the people they know, tell them that you may need to contact them about your web site.

(2) FLYERS OR LEAFLETS: In the U.S.A they call it flyers in Britain we call it leaflets, they are both the same, you can reach new people offline through leaflets, write a decent,simple,short,advertisements of your business in the leaflets, give it to a printer,to print them out for you, make sure that you include your web site address and email in the flyers, then, share out to people, either through their door posts, or stand near a shopping centre where people walk past,and give your flyers to people walking past you, do not expect to get result from all the numbers of leaflets your gave out, but do not worry, you will get some few result, the few people are the people who are genuinely interested in your business,you can build your business from their on.

(3) BUSINESS CARDS: Make sure you have business cards that contain your web site and email addresses, give your business cards to the people you know or meet. People rearly throw away business cards,ask the people you want to give your business cards to, have you got friends? or do you know somebody who like to save money on his or her shopping bills?,if the answer is yes,give some extra cards to them,to give to the people they know. This methods of marketing works well and work everytime,it will bring you some businesses.
Place some cards in some stategic locations such as dentists,doctors surgeries,sweets shops,notice boards,those people who are interested in your business will pick your card,and contact you.

(4) DIRECT MAILING: Buy genuine mailing list, send the people on your list what benefits your web site will offer them. You may not get immediate response,but surely,some of them will visit your web site,they may eventually become your customers. Include your web site address and email address in your letters,and ensure you enclose your business cards in the letters you send out to people.

(5) NET-WORKING: Net-working with other people is another clever way of building your business. You can join the chamber of commerce in your locality, exchange business cards with other business people,you cards help them to distribute their cards,make sure you them to do the samething for you too.

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