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Every home internet business marketer has to know, who are his potential customers, what do they want and how he can communicate with them.

Because the whole internet works by the information,Guest Posting one proven strategy is to respond the search engine behaviour of the surfers. Bookmark this page, press Ctrl+D. 1. Write The Home Internet Business SEO Pages To The Readers, Not To The Search Engines The buyer of the home internet business site is always a human being, not the search engine. For this reason the copy and look of the SEO page is more important than the search engine optimization, so the keywords should be somehow invisible. To get enough power for the home internet business marketing, it is recommended to use about 10 keyphrases, which all include separate keywords and keyword combinations. This is the strategy to reach effectively more market niches. So SEO is ONLY a technical aid to get high search engine rankings and more targeted visitors. It is important but what happens to the visitor is even more important. It is realistic to select keywords with around 1.000 searches per month. Just for testing purposes, some 30 or 40.000 keywords can be included, but not as a main keywords. The home internet business keyword research should also include the research of the top 5 pages on the result pages. If the on-page SEO is poor and the number and the quality of links are low, the chances to beat the top page increases. 2. Write Interesting SEO Articles. Home internet business SEO articles will be written along the same principles than the SEO pages above. The SEO article must use the same keywords than the SEO page to get the highly targeted traffic. The home internet businessSEO article can also use the same core keyword connected with slightly different, new keyword to be able to enter into the new niche market. The SEO article has a great power in pre-selling the idea of the home internet business landing page, to tease the reader and to increase the interest. It also works as a brand building weapon, it is a writer`s voice, 100 % unique. Readers like this and search engines like this. The traffic building power of the home internet business SEO article comes from the directory submissions, they bring a huge number of links, visitors and help to increase the search engine ranking of the landing page. Both short and long term. Using the SEO strategy in home internet business is a killer strategy. It has so many amazing benefits, that you better try it!

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