How to Build a Buyers Using the Bonus Bonus Webinar Strategy

Jul 22


Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

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How to use webinars to generate high ticket leads and sales.


This strategy is a very effective one. Offer to run a webinar (one or two hours long) for one of the latest product launches as a bonus.

You need something to sell as well,How to Build a Buyers Using the Bonus Bonus Webinar Strategy Articles a high ticket offer priced $197 to $497 at the end of the webinar. Even though the webinar itself will be pure information you should pitch this high ticket offer at the last 5 – 10 minutes of the webinar.

Split the profits 50% with your partner.

To run the webinar I recommend GoToWebinar, it can be downloaded here:

It’s definitely the absolutely best software to use for running webinars and it is something that the most successful marketers use.

The Backend Offer You Pitch In the End of the Webinar

• It should be pricey $197 to $497
• It can be a “done for you system”
• Complete training
• Coaching

Remember: It has to be a high ticket and highly exclusive offer. Your aim here is to take fewer but more expensive customers with deep pockets.

Did you know?

You can actually do this for any product launch coming up the next week!
And no matter how many you convert to your own customers during the webinar, you still collect all of the leads who join the webinar.

Where to Find Product Launches?

• Subscribe to mailing lists of some experts in your market.

So What to Do With Your New Buyers List?

So implementing this fantastic strategy gives you a buyers list but you need to know what to do with it as well.

So you obviously need to start converting them into money.

A good idea here is to give them an upsell or an upgrade to what they just bought and keep it $27 to $97. Remember this is the first chance to make money from them so don’t screw up. Make sure that you sell something valuable to them.

Remember to share valuable information to them for free as well from time to time and keep in touch with them so they do not forget about you.

For a backend offer you could simply create another high ticket offer, a monthly subscription, a webhost which you use yourself and recommend or maybe the affiliate program from some of the most common autoresponders and remember to follow up a few time… AT LEAST!

WARNING! What NOT to Do With Your Buyers List!

Freebies are good to maintain relationship but to not spoil them with too much of it. Your goal is to make money so your freebies should consist only of golden nuggets to make them curious of how good your paid content will be.

Treat them special!
For example if you’re selling your own product, give them a discount for being a loyal customer. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Did I say special?
Don’t just give them the same stuff you are selling to your general subscribers. Give them a sense that they are special and that they will miss out on great deals if the unsubscribe, like customers only discount, bonuses and stuff like that.

Keep in touch!
Always remember to e-mail them 3 to 5 times a week. If they don’t hear from you within weeks they tend to forget you so this is crucial.