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Everyone is asking the ultimate question, how do I get to have a successful website in this highly competitive age? The answer is simple...

In order to learn how to do it properly,Guest Posting we need to take a look at others who are already doing it, and winning the never ending game of promotion.

Never ending is a bit of an understatement if you consider the vast opportunity you have presented to you through promoting your business online. Millions and millions of people log on every day, but what you don't consider is that millions more have yet to log on for the very 1st time. If you've ever questioned the fact about whether or not there is an opportunity for yourself online, this small but powerful paragraph should end that doubt.

To make it big online, you have to think big. The internet is no different than real life... what you put forth, so shall you receive. There isn't any greater statement than that.

So what does it really take to make it big?

Create something bigger than yourself! Bottom line. Creating something bigger could be accomplished in a few different ways. I know there are some of you who are thinking, I don't have the money to create a massive website! Who ever said you're "something big" has to be owned by you?

For instance Authors a.k.a Writers / a.k.a Bloggers / a.k.a Columnists are taking the internet by storm and for a good reason... This type of promotion REALLY works.With the vast amount of websites out there that accept articles, you're practically guaranteed to create a resourceful website of your own. You don't need to be the best web designer in the world to figure out how to buy a domain name, create a blog or two (that is programmed by someone else) and link to your articles that way. You can even talk about your products and services within your blog, you have every right.

Go to http://www.blogger.com to create a blog.

That is the easiest way in. Let's also take a look at why you should have a website and promote it through your knowledge, we can only do this by taking a look at other peoples success. In this next small section, I am going to randomly pick out a couple of authors that consistently write articles and measure out their "visible" level of success.

Halstatt Pires (www.marketingtitan.com): We consistently see this author write articles and submit them to us. Halstatt is a good writer who talks about a wide range of topics including web design & SEO.

If we take a look in Google/Yahoo/MSN to see how many times we can find "Halsatt Pires", the numbers would look like this...

There are over 45,300 web pages listed within Google with the name "Halsatt Pires".There are over 18,500 pages listing in YahooThere are over 7,500 pages listed in MSN

Wouldn't you like to have over 71,300 pages online with your name on them? I certainly would. Even if your articles get read a 10% of the time every day or every month for that matter, it would mean on average over 6,200 people could possibly read your articles every single day.

MarketingTitan.com has an alexa.com ranking of: 171,746 best ranked website out of millions of other websites.

Let's now take a look at another author.. (all random)

Joy H Gendusa (www.postcardmania.com) Writes a great deal about postcard campaigns, direct mail campaigns and is quite good at it as well.

If we take a look in Google/Yahoo/MSN to see how many times we can find "Joy H Gendusa", the numbers would look like this...

There are over 13,800 web pages listed within Google with the name "Joy Gendusa".There are over 24,000 pages listing in YahooThere are over 4,800 pages listed in MSN

In only 3 search engines, "Joy Gendusa" is found 42,600 times!

PostcardMania.com has an alexa.com ranking of: 76,065 best ranked website out of millions of other websites.

Again, it begs the questions, wouldn't you like it if that was your name at the bottom of those articles with your website right beside it?

You DO NOT have to be a professional writer to start writing. In fact, when I started writing, my grammar was so bad, people would actually call me to guide me through my articles and point out the mistakes within them. The point is, people still called. Now thanks to my editors, my writing skills are improving a great deal.

Don't be shy. Just start somewhere and don't stop. Before you know it, you'll be writing 2-5 articles a week and won't be able to stop. That is when the true power of your promotion will start kicking in.

Just for people who want to know...

Let's take a look at my success as a writer. If you were to search for my name within quotations like so "Martin Lemieux", here are the results you would find. (In quotes to narrow down to an exact match)

There are over 65,600 web pages listed within Google with the name "Martin Lemieux".There are over 32,300 pages listing in YahooThere are over 17,600 pages listed in MSN

That is over 115,500 "registered pages" online that have my name on them. Just remember as well, I haven't submitted an article in over 2 months due to illness. Only a fraction of those aren't me, they are someone else. Again, I ask the question... Wouldn't it be nice if that was your name and your website was right beside those tens of thousands of pages?

Just for curiosity, if you do a search for Martin Lemieux without the quotes within Google, you will get around 1,040,000 pages found. When I started out, those search results weren't even close to that, maybe even 10% of 1,040,000 because of "Claude Lemieux" & "Mario Lemieux" two famous hockey players.

Does something like this happen over night? Absolutely not. In the last 4 years, I've been able to write around 70-80 articles in total! That's it. There are writers out there that have personally written over 1000 articles in a matter of years.

What else can you do to increase your popularity? Accept articles from other authors of course! Why not share your success with others. Doing so will only increase your credibility online and increase your visitors a great deal. Not only will authors talk about you, your website will increase every time you list another authors article.

Why do you think that many of the article directories world wide get the most traffic on average beyond the Gorillas like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, etc? They all have one thing in common, they're creating a community of people writing their hearts out and exposing their business further online.

In Conclusion:

If you've ever doubted why people write articles, think again. The internet favors the bold, the ones who are not afraid to speak their mind and put their thoughts in digital format get rewarded. More and more authors who have written actual books are now writing for the internet to get more sales for their books. It's a proven fact that unique content is king and so are your thoughts.

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