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As an internet marketer, I'm sure you are constantly thinking ofhow to increase traffic to your website. With the advancement of technology, new tools and strategies are being developed from time to time to help internet marketersgetting free traffic to website.

In this article,Guest Posting I would like to share with you some popular ways which internet marketers have been using to get website free traffic, as well as the way which you may not heard of before.  There are many ways by which one can use to get more traffic to websites.

#1 Article MarketingOne of the most popular answers to the question of how to increase traffic, is by article marketing. This can be done by writing and submitting your articles to article directories. Except a few, most of the article directories allow you to submit your articles for free. But do bear in mind that major directories like ezine article require your article to be original and not published anywhere else when you submit yours to them. Besides, there are other guidelines and rules that you must follow. For example, while you can include your URL in the article resource box to get more traffic to your website, that URL must not be an affiliate link. That means, you must buy a domain name for the purpose of inclusion to the article. Selling your products/services in the articles is also prohibited. If you are new to article marketing, you should go through the rules set out by the article directories carefully before submitting any of your articles. Any breach of the rules may either cause your articles to be rejected or your account suspended which will cause lots of pain to your effort to get free traffic to website.

#2 Conducting Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Making use of the SEO is another popular and effective way to get free traffic to websites. In laymans' terms, SEO is a technique where you include your niches' keywords at the "right" place of your website, to help it topping the ranking in major search engines and thus, increase its hits. That way you could get more website traffic for free. If you want to do SEO by yourself, it normally takes time to study and involves persistent tryings before you get it right. Alternatively, you may get an expert to do it for you but of course, that means more costs to you which you may not want to especially if you have just started out as an internet marketer.

#3 Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingAnother popular answer to how to increase traffic to your websites, is by advertising your website by using a pay-per-click program. The most popular one being Google AdWords where you can run your ad with google. But of course, this advertising tool is not free and the costs incurred could be high. All ads are also subject to Google's approval which means more rules to follow.

The above are just some of the many ways to get more traffic for websites. They are popular and effective but may incur costs and could be quite time consuming. If you want a "lazy" way to get free traffic, you may consider other unconventional ways. One of the laziest" ways that are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to generate you free traffic and viral advertisement fast, is a tool known as website traffic generator.

Website traffic generator is a tool where you can get site targeted traffic and viral advertisement for free and instantly. Some even claimed that the tool is so effective and powerful that you can hardly believe it unless you see for yourself.

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