Instant Profits with Cross Promotion

Jun 4


Terry Telford

Terry Telford

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Business is ... Whether you are ... online or offline, the same ... apply. Yes there are ... but think about the ... tactics used offline that you can apply to your o


Business is business. Whether you are marketing online or
offline,Instant Profits with Cross Promotion Articles the same principles apply. Yes there are
differences, but think about the marketing tactics used
offline that you can apply to your online business.

Here's a quick idea that can instantly generate a profit for
you. Cross promotion.

How many times have you seen offers like this:

Get a FREE tent when you buy a new canoe, today!

Get a FREE movie pass when you have dinner with us!

And of course this works online.

Have you subscribed to an online newsletter (eZine) lately?
If you didn't get a FREE eBook or FREE report with your
subscription, it would be surprising. The Marketing Pack
Journal comes with a FREE eBook showing you how to increase
your sales by 1200%. Simply click on and see how fast and easy it
can be done.

But let's take this concept one step further. Have you
thought about the potential of cross promoting one or more
of your products to one or more of your lists?

Many businesses, on and offline, have multiple lists. A
list of customers for specific products, a list of
prospects, a list of eZine or newsletter subscribers and
many others. You can make instant profits from cross
promoting to these lists and it doesn't cost you an arm and
a leg.

For example, I have a members only list for my Massive
Passive Advertising Machine team When I bought the
PopUp Generator software, which came with resale rights,
I sent a quick mail to my MPAM team and presto, I sell a
few copies of the PopUp Generator

Now the MPAM team members who bought the PopUp Generator
are also included in my customer list. The next item that
I purchase with resale rights will be announced to both of
these lists. It's a never ending chain of guaranteed sales.

It's not a complicated process, and it certainly isn't
rocket science. It just takes a little initiative, a pinch
of creativity and a drop of energy to make it work. Include
this technique in your marketing toolbox and your sales
will improve. Guaranteed!

Good luck and God Bless.