Web Conferencing Killed The Video Star

Jan 13


Terry Telford

Terry Telford

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Web ... Killed The Video Star(c) 2002 ... Laurence Chilcott and Terry ... the 80’s, a popular song said "Video killed the radio star." What comes around goes around. Now it’s vide


Web Conferencing Killed The Video Star
(c) 2002 copyright Laurence Chilcott and Terry Telford

In the 80’s,Web Conferencing Killed The Video Star Articles a popular song said "Video killed the radio
star." What comes around goes around. Now it’s video’s
turn to be replaced. The new song of the millennium is
"Web conferencing killed the video star."

The Worldwide Web Conferencing market generated close to
$300 million in revenue in 2001. According to leading
market analysts, this market will rise steeply to more
than $10 billion in the next 3 - 5 years. People who get
involved in this industry today, will realize large
financial gains tomorrow.

-> Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is the buzz word for having a virtual
meeting. Meetings can be held one-on-one or with
multitudes of people. Each person participates in the
meeting by accessing the online conference room right
from their own desktop.

For corporations and small businesses, this technology
offers immense cost and time savings. Instead of wasting
time and money in travel, meetings can be held with
participants from all over the world, locally, from each
conference member’s desktop.

Since many organizations are being forced to impose
severe budgetary cutbacks, web conferencing is no longer
a novelty, but a necessity. Businesses can easily keep
in close contact with their customers, partners, prospects
and suppliers with minimal cost.

In addition to financial and time savings, web
conferencing also offers safety benefits. After September
11th, many business travellers are reluctant to simply
hop on a plane.

-> Video Conferencing vs. Web Conferencing

At one time, the only way to have global meetings was to
fly everyone to one location or set up a video conferencing
facility. The problem with video conferencing is the
substantial investment in equipment and facilities. This
type of a communication system is out of reach for the
small and home based business owner. For larger corporations
trying to save money, this option is becoming less and less

Web conferencing eliminates the high investment costs of
video conferencing and is available to anyone with a 56k
modem, internet connection and a headset. Set up is simple.
A plug-in is downloaded onto the user’s desktop and the
system is fully functional within 5 minutes.

Poor quality sound and picture used to be an issue in the
past, but with high speed internet connections becoming
the ‘norm,’ sound and video quality has reached new levels
of performance. High quality video and sound are the new

Easy accessibility, high quality video and sound, and
affordable system access are the main reasons for the
industry’s exponential growth. The early market leaders
are starting to appear as the industry is very rapidly
moving from its infancy to its momentum phase.

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