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Online piracy has developed along with technological advancements. The increasing broadband speed available to home user at low price and the development of new software had brought online downloading to a whole new level of high speed and superb quality.

As we all knew that internet piracy had grow enormously from the past few years,Guest Posting this trend had to be stopped and people have to be aware that pirating online or downloading pirated files online is an offence. We as a member of a law abiding society understand the concept that we cannot steal people’s property. Most of us would not steal, intend to steal and will generally be honest and not appropriating things that do not belong to us; when we need something, we buy. However, most of us seem unable to apply this ideology when we get connected online. We download without paying, utilizing software without purchasing, and generally think that we will not get caught by doing so. The lack of public awareness in internet piracy was one of the crucial elements which stimulate such act. By contrasting the degree of public awareness with the growth of online piracy, we can tell that there are still a lot to catch up in order to control and to eliminate it. According to online Oxford English Dictionary “piracy” means “the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.” Piracy is an offence of dishonesty which often involves deception. While adding the word “online” or “internet” in front, “online/internet piracy” would means the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s copyrighted work through internet. Before any p2p software is available on the internet, internet user had already making piracy copies. This is a factual statement that every internet user would agree. The booming culture of “Net Surfing” at the end of last century had caused the internet to develop with its fastest pace and for those with business mind; internet became a source of money income. By supplying free music download to visitors who visit their websites, web hoster’s make money by each “hit” from the viewers; on the other hand, musical downloads slowly took place in a large scale format.

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