PPC Landing Page Tip - The 7 Worst Landing Page Mistakes You Could Make

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A good landing page is at the core of pay per click success yet many advertisers still make common mistakes which costs them dearly. We give you 7 PPC landing page mistakes you need to avoid.

The hard part of the process is getting someone to click on your pay-per-click ad. Most people think that the rest of the process is easy in terms of bringing in the sale. It can become extremely difficult to bring in sales if you make these common mistakes on your landing page:

PPC Landing Page Tip #1 Using your home page as you landing page is one of the most common mistakes among small business owners on the Internet. This is a big mistake because it forces the customer to have to search through pages and pages of your website to try and find the product that you are selling.

It is much easier to make a small landing page that is not a full website. This is much more effective because it shows the customer exactly what the want to see.  Using a landing page is much more effective when it comes into bringing in sales. The fact of the matter is that landing pages are much easier to create and require significantly less time to create.

PPC Landing Page Tip #2 Many people make the mistake of having an extremely generic landing page. In reality,Guest Posting you should have a different landing page for every single product that you are promoting. The fact of the matter is that someone clicked on your link because they were interested in a specific product. This is why it is important to have your page contain information that only pertains to this product.

PPC Landing Page Tip #3 Having a confusing and unorganized landing page is another mistake that many small business owners make on the Internet. Whenever you are trying to sell a product, on the Internet or in real life, it is important to be as clear and precise as possible. At the same time, you should keep your landing page simple and feed information to the viewer slowly.

PPC Landing Page Tip #4 Chances are that you have spent a lot of time optimizing your pay-per-click ads, but you may not have done the same thing with your landing page. This is a big mistake because it will result in significantly less sales. For each list of keywords it is important to have a landing page as well as a pay-per-click ad. It is extremely important to maintain a line of constant communication with your customers throughout the entire process.

PPC Landing Page Tip #5 Some people make the mistake of asking for too much information at once from their customer. If you ask for too much personal information at once then you may quickly scare them away.  The fact of the matter is that not everyone is willing to give their personal information out on the Internet. There is no need for any additional information besides a first name and an email address if the individual is not making a purchase.

PPC Landing Page Tip #6 Many people make the mistake of putting too many images on their landing page. This can result in your site taking an extremely long time to load. There is no need to insert a large quantity of images on your website. It is better to keep your site simple and organized. If your site takes too long to load it may scare away some of your potential customers.

PPC Landing Page Tip #7 You're selling instead of providing information. When you get someone to click your ad you have already completed the selling process. The next part of the selling process is telling the customer what you have to offer for them. After they click on your ad, it is important to educate the customer about your product. This will encourage them to make a purchase without feeling as if you are extremely eager to get them to buy your product.

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