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With more and more web sites ... on the internet on a daily ... in your field of ... is most likely getting ... ... afford to be ... with regard to spreadi

With more and more web sites appearing on the internet on a daily basis,Guest Posting
competition in your field of expertise is most likely getting stronger. You
cannot afford to be complacent with regard to spreading the word about your
web site. It is critical that your site features prominently with the
search engines and one criteria that many search engines look at, is the
amount of sites linking back to you.

Many sites will link back to you if you offer a reciprocal link, but I know
I don't want my site filled with all sorts of banners and buttons, with
content that may not even be of interest to my visitors.

What if I told you there was a free way to get hundreds of web sites to link
to you absolutely free without a reciprocal link? Interested?

Think about it. You're a webmaster. Don't you love it when somebody writes
to you telling you how great your site is, how useful they found the
content, how original the design is etc etc. I know I do! Many webmasters,
in order to give their sites credibility and their visitors confidence, have
testimonial pages. These testimonial pages usually include not only the
testimonial received, but the source with a link back.

To benefit all you need to do is scour the internet for sites with
testimonial pages and send your comments to the webmaster concerned. If you
have good things to say, the webmaster will naturally want to share those
comments with his or her visitors and will more than likely include your
testimonial on the testimonial page.

The best thing about this is that it is absolutely free and well worth the
effort as most testimonials are permanent, thus giving your site a permanent
free link back.

Be creative in your testimonial and honest. Word your comments in such a
way, without being too obvious, as to motivate any readers to visit your
site. Don't say wonderful things about a site if you don't really feel that
way about it, rather move on to a site that appeals to you. Remember your
own credibility is at stake here - associate your self with sites you want
to be associated with!

For example, here's a testimonial I might write to a company offering
internet marketing services:

"I'm the webmaster for Wade's World and understand the realities and
difficulties involved in web site marketing. As we obviously want to
provide our clients with a top rate, yet cost effective service, I found the
content on your site, especially the Promotion section, to be extremely
beneficial. It is apparent that a lot of work in design and development has
gone into your site. Your content is original, the overall design looks
great and your site is easy to navigate. I have bookmarked your site and
will be back often. Thanks for a truly great service!"

In time you should have hundreds of sites linking back to you. Your site
name will be seen by visitors all over the internet and more importantly,
your ranking with the search engine's should be very much improved!

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