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I suppose that I don't have to explain what is Affiliate Marketing. I found out about it accidentally, when I bought a laptop and I started to surf the web, although I wasn't looking for something like that. But I imagine that it is impossible to surf the web and not "hit" an affiliate marketing offer like "work at home and get rich over night".

Why I love the Affiliate Marketing? Because there are so many offers and some of them are so extremely funny,Guest Posting that I don't need any other show to start every day with a good mood. I love the imagination of these guys.

When I see titles starting with "unheard, unseen, amazing, unbelievable, ultimate, extra, ultra, monster, typhoon, secret, top secret, unbeatable, shadow, commando, ninja, greatest, biggest, safest, day job killer, fire your boss, underground, black hat, etc.", I am attracted like a magnet to see what's all about.

When I see something about "deadly mistakes", I am the first one who reads them, because the nature made me a coward creature, I have no hero stuff, I love my own life too much for loosing it because of a "deadly mistake" I could make on my website.
Each and every of this offers teaches you how to get rich instantly without effort, from your home, in your underwear or out of them, from your kitchen's table, from your basement, from your bed, while you sleeping, from so many positions and placements, that makes me wonder why there are still people who work normally, from "nine to five". And the funny thing is that these titles are really catching.

Why I love the Affiliate Marketing? I signed up with Twitter three months ago, I didn't moved a finger and I have more than 700 followers. I am honest with myself and with them and I follow back each and every Twitter user who follows me. And God, I love to follow them!

When I see updates like "I Just Increased My Followers By Using The Twitter Method X", tweeted by someone who got only 7 followers, I imagine that the "X method" owner must be proud by the effort of the poor guy. Who wouldn't be proud by such publicity? Anyway, his effort was rewarded. He increased miraculous the number of his followers from 7 to 8. I was the eighth. My sensitive heart wouldn't allow me to hurt the feelings of a guy who is struggling so hard.

I must confess that I have sinned once me too. Some guy offered me an infallible system to gain thousands of followers by offering an ebook as incentive to retweet my free giveaway ebook, and the result was... I leave you to find a word to describe the result. I gained one follower, myself, and that because I tested the system. But the technique was infallible. I won the prize, the ebook that I was offering.

When I see some guy who has only 23 followers but he already posted 294 updates, I lose my control. I can't stop laughing. Sorry for those guys, anyway, I won't give names, but if I would want to make a joke I wouldn't be able to imagine such one. The record was a guy with 700 followers and 2954 updates. Not even famous tweeples with 30.000 followers are not so productives. I take off my hat in front of this guy, he must spend more than half of his life on Twitter.

Why I love the Affiliate Marketing? Because I see offers teaching you how to increase your sales by up to 912%, no more, no less. Such precision astonishes me.

Because I see offers teaching you how to make each and every day 4.987, 65 dollars, no more, no less. (Actually, I am disposed to give up any time at the 65 cents, I would be more than pleased with the rest).

Because I see offers teaching you how to increase your mailing list with 678 subscribers each and every day, no more, no less. And not any kind of subscribers, only hungry subscribers, ready to buy from you with the price of their life, no matter what crap you are selling. You have to agree with me that there is a huge difference between ordinary and hungry subscribers, and I find normal that everyone prefers the last ones.

I am waiting impatient the day when someone will try to teach me how to increase my mailing list with 3,33 subscribers, and, frankly, I wouldn't be very surprised if I see that. I saw so many things, that nothing can surprise me easy.

And the curious thing is that this numbers really work. There were tested and the statistics show that prices like "47, 67, 97" are converting better than "50, 70 or 100", and the difference is not the 3 dollars less. I imagine that it's something psychological. Of course, even these guys were beaten by someone who tried to teach me how to make money online without selling nothing!!!

Why I love the Affiliate Marketing? Finally, because I make money with Affiliate Marketing from home, although not that easy how these guys claim, I am not rich but I live decent, I don't work from "nine to five" to some capitalist who exploits me, instead I spend about 14 hours per day on my laptop to be able to ensure my "financial security", but, when I look back, I love what I am doing, I am having fun.

Maybe my sense of humor is higher, I don't know, but I have fun reading all these things, and makes my "work at home" job easier.

If you want 4.987, 65 dollars per day, the WWW (world wide web) is at your disposition, just try to make them instead of spend them.

If you want to make money online without spending money for that, but you don't expect to get rich over night or to watch the money floating around while you are sitting and doing nothing, than visit my site and you will find out how I use only online free methods to make some (not much) money online.

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