10 Interesting Histories behind Tattoo Eyebrows

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Permanent makeup is a kind of tattoo that is put on the eyelids, lips, and face, and it is fashioned to resemble classic makeup. 


It is applied for aesthetic purposes and eliminates the need for typical makeup to cover any imperfections such as white spots,Guest Posting and scars.


10 - Temporary tattoo eyebrows has been forming for a century 


The concept of permanent makeup became popular in the early years of the 20th century however it is quite possible that this art was practice way before that. There has been evidence that people from 5000 years ago would tattoo themselves for various reasons like religion and sometimes for medicinal aspects. 


The early 1930s would see permanent makeup rise in popularity all over again in several beauty salons. However, one needs to be extremely sure about getting these permanent makeup treatments, because removal of these can be extremely painful and expensive. Usually, the recipients can develop things like allergies, or scars due to the treatment, so you want to make sure you get it done by professionals.  


Modern tattooing found its origins in the Polynesian Islands. There is a well-known story about conjoined twins from the island of Ta’u, Samoa, who had been accidentally separated and landed in Fiji. They made their living by learning the art of tattooing, and when they eventually returned to their native land of Samoa where one of them kept the art alive. The art eventually spread to other Pacific Islands and it went on from there. 


However, evidence dictates that tattooing goes back even further than this, with Cleopatra having had permanent makeup tattooed onto her. One of the major ancient tattooing practices still alive to this day is temporary tattoo eyebrows. Also known as Microblading or eyebrow feathering, it produces a semi-permanent result which the recipient will need to get redone every few years. 


9- They are Not Permanent


Cosmetic tattooing is much more superficial as compared to body part tattooing. The inks are quick to diminish and your immune system will be digesting all of the ink and pushing it out as well. Over time you will find the tattooed look fade. They usually last somewhere between one to three years depending on what your lifestyle and skin are like. 


8- You Might Need Two Sessions

An average person typically needs two sessions, they have to come back four weeks after the first session for touch-ups. Sometimes, depending on the skin type, the client’s skin can push out a bit of ink and the hair strokes will not be as saturated as they want them to be.


7- Ink Retention Depends On Skin Type

Oily skin types can be difficult to work with. They can reject the pigment, and are also prone to pigment hydration where the colors mix into one another. This gives off a more filled-in look rather than a natural one. Also, if your skin shows the tendency to scar easily then you might not want to opt for this procedure.


6- The Procedure Takes Hours

Depending on the density of the natural brows it will depend on how long it takes to draw them on. It is a tedious process and sometimes it can take up to just 10 minutes or an hour. You need to take into consideration the client’s facial imbalances while drawing them on as well.


5-The Eyebrows Will Not Be Identical

Eyebrows are supposed to be sisters and not twins. If you try to get them to look identical to one another you might risk looking quite odd because nobody’s eyes are of the same distance from the bridge of their nose. Not only that, the eyebrow bone to your one can have a different shape than the other. 


4- It Can Hurt 

Tattooing your face is not an easy experience. It can be quite painful for a lot of people. Usually, the aesthetician will give you the choice of applying a numbing cream or going indirectly. Both ways it is not at all easy and you will have to brace yourself for the pain to come. 


3 - Eyebrows will lighten after the first week

Don’t panic if you think your eyebrows are too dark after the procedure. Just follow the aftercare instructions carefully and you will see your eyebrows converting to your desired color over the span of one week. 


2 - Mess-ups can be fixed

It is not possible that an artist does not make even a single mistake throughout their career. However, thanks to science there are ways to rectify those mistakes and re-draw the eyebrows. 


1 -Do your research

This is incredibly important. Before opting for the procedure make sure that you have done all of your research, as much as you need to. Otherwise, you might be in for a rude surprise. You need to know what you want and be able to relate it to your aesthetician. 


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