6 Reasons to Replace your Traditional Toilets with Restroom Cubicles

Jul 13


Mark Henry Sr

Mark Henry Sr

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Traditional toilets have for long been replaced by restroom cubicles, especially in commercial places. Any public place you visit today and you will find toilet cubicles which are quite convenient to use and displays an attractive design. These cubicles come in anti-bacterial grade and help to keep germs at bay. For more details visit http://www.greenlamsturdo.com/


Gone are the days when there were limited options available for washrooms in public places. You had to wait in long queues for your chance to come. However,6 Reasons to Replace your Traditional Toilets with Restroom Cubicles Articles today you can spot a number of toilet cubicles in malls, metro stations, stadiums, restaurants, hospitals and other public places. These cubicles can suffice the needs of 5-6 people at a time. There are some places where these cubicles are large in number and allow even more people to use it at the same time.Restroom cubicles are far better than traditional toilets in a number of ways. Some of them are listed below:

1.These cubicles are portable in design

Generally toilet cubicles are portable in design. Unlike traditional toilets that were made of bricks and cement, these cubicles are assembled together using nails. You can expand these as per the space available. Besides, you can also shift them if you want to, without hampering the walls or the building structure.

2.They are impressive in looks

Few years back, did the thought ever hit your mind that toilets can be attractive in design? Well, they actually are. Restroom cubicles are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Besides, their smooth finish and nice color combination makes them quite attractive, making the entire washroom look good and impressive.

3.They are made of excellent quality laminates

Restroom cubicles are portable in design, but this doesn’t mean that they lack anywhere in quality. These cubicles are made of excellent grade laminates that makes them strong and durable. Besides, they are available in exclusive raw silk finish.

4.They comes in different sizes, shapes and color hues

Toilet, Shower cubicles come in different sizes as per the space requirement. Whether you want regular cubicles for hospitals or like to have them in attractive shapes for ladies trial rooms in malls, you can easily get them from a well-known cubicle manufacturer. Besides, they are available in catching color hues as well.

5.They are available in anti-bacterial grade

Installing toilet cubicles in the premises will help you to keep the area hygienic and clean. Besides, they are available in anti-bacterial grade that helps people to stay secured from germs and bacteria.

6.They are easy to install

It is quite easy to install these toilet cubicles. You don’t have to change the interior of the place by a significant margin. The manufacturers will measure the space available and will install the cubicle that is of perfect size and dimension. Besides, they don’t harm your walls or floor at the time of installation.With so many attractive features, toilet cubicles continue to gain importance all around. From your part, you must make sure that you find a reliable cubicle manufacturer to get your premises installed with restroom cubicles.