7 Good Luck Indoor Plants that Your Can Gift Online

Jan 4


Jyoti Vedi

Jyoti Vedi

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Indoor Plants! These green plants have arrived with a nature of charming up, brighten up the celebration, offer natural beauty, and purify the air. They warm up the aura of the entire house and create positive vibes.


Apart from adding greenery,7 Good Luck Indoor Plants that Your Can Gift Online Articles they also bring love, good luck, and prosperity to the place where it is grown. The plants are eco-friendly and it brings all kinds of benefits and happiness at your doorstep.

 Nothing can fulfill your place rather than the green leafy plants and this is why it would be the best gift to greet your dear ones. You can order these plants online where numerous varieties are available, with same-day delivery, midnight delivery, and free shipping options. Here are some of the good luck plants that you can order online.


1)Money Plant ( Crassula Ovata)

Want to add wealth to your home? Then the money plants would be the simple and foremost idea to boost up your earnings instantly. It is known to attract money and good luck as it grows. These plants may start flowering in winter if you are fortunate. With its well-rooted and vibrant new growth, this plant produces positive energy. It can be one of the best gifts online when starting a new business or placed in offices to invite success or wealth. 

2)Money Tree Plant ( Pachira Aquatica)

This plant is said to attract money and thus named appropriately as the Money Tree Plant. Belonging to the Pachira genus of family Malvaceae, this is said to invite fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Usually, indoor varieties of money trees don’t flower. Bring home or office this money tree through plants online, to attract good fortune, prosperity, and wealth.

3)Lucky Bamboo ( Dracaena Sanderiana)

This is believed to be an auspicious plant for home as it summons fortune, happiness, and prosperity. The number of bamboo stalks has a different meaning: 3 stalks represent happiness, wealth, and long life; 5 or 6 stalk means wealth and good luck; 7 stalks symbolize good health. Make sure you invest in lucky bamboo for your loved ones.

4)Peace Lilies ( Spathiphyllum)

It acts as a super medicinal plant in terms of detoxifying air, as it cleans all types of environmental contaminants. It is said that Peace Lilies help to bring about good luck and fortune. Its grand large green leaves and bright white flowers help to create a pleasant atmosphere in any room. It has low maintenance and striking appearance, it is ideal for office spaces and also for homes.

5)Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is said to mean “ tree in a pot”. And people strongly believe that it brings unexpected luck in your life. If you receive bonsai trees as gifts, as per a saying, fortune will doubly smile at you. This miniature plant is a perfect gifting item and is also a good way to beautify the house.

6)Rubber Plant ( ficus elastic)

On choosing a rubber plant, it helps in purifying the air and also introduces balance to your living environment. It is mainly known for its austerity and auspiciousness in the wealth area. These plants have rounded leaves, which are regarded as a symbol of money and prosperity. When placed in a home, the plant fosters fortune, abundance, and an increase in wealth.


Despite being beautiful, they are not just design elements. Orchids have a unique ability to bring good luck and fortune in love. Orchids really stand out among all the attractive lucky plants available and it would be a great example of love and beauty. There are many variations in the orchid hybrids. If you wish to make a beautiful gift for new families or to promote harmony in a relationship then order orchids online.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to gift for any occasion, choose indoor plants and share some soulful positive vibes with them. Especially, gifting good luck plants contribute to positive energy, balance all five elements, and bring luck.