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Buying jewellery can be a confusing and costly experience. Jewellers are using a large variety of metals to make beautiful pieces today. The cost of these metals varies greatly from cheap wedding rings to those which could rival your mortgage. Choosing the perfect wedding or engagement ring for your special someone can be made easier if you are educated about what to buy. Below are some choices and the reasons why so many people are drifting away from gold wedding rings for men or women.

Your choice of wedding ring can be one of the most important and scary decisions of your life. White gold and Platinum wedding rings for women are a common choice. Platinum is stronger than white gold (with a much greater tensile strength). This strength makes platinum a great choice for a lifetime of daily wear. Platinum wedding rings for men or women are excellent for anyone who has allergies because platinum requires no other additives to make the jewellery. White gold additives include nickel (which is an allergen to many people),Guest Posting zinc, and something called palladium which will be described below. White gold is also only made white through a chemical process while platinum is already white. Platinum does cost substantially more than white gold, but will never become brittle over time like white gold will. Platinum is naturally white so there is zero need for problematic additives.

While platinum is a great choice, palladium is an up and comer in the jewellery market. Palladium is a beautiful white metal that is 95% pure. First discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, palladium is in the platinum family of metals. A palladium wedding ring will have only trace additives. Platinum and palladium are both hypo-allergenic for this reason. This means that all skin types can safely wear platinum and palladium. In addition palladium is much more inexpensive than platinum. Palladium also weighs much less than platinum and can be used in much more delicate jewellery applications. One of the best advantages in wedding rings for women is that gems are much safer with palladium prongs holding them because of the strength of the metal. Palladium will not tarnish, so cleaning is quite easily accomplished. Simply use a mild detergent and a bristle brush to keep that beautiful silvery white hue to all your jewellery.

Palladium is fast becoming the popular choice due to all these wonderful qualities. So when you shop for a wedding ring, think about what qualities are most important. Beauty, quality, cost, and durability are all compelling reasons to choose palladium for your purchase.

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