An extensive range of clocks by Orpat

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We have an extensive range of clocks. The clocks are in various designs and pattern giving the best interior look to the house.

Isn’t it interesting to find out about the history of clocks? From the ancient sundial to water clocks and pendulum clocks,Guest Posting man has brought in a lot of innovation and progress when it comes to clocks.


With technology now upgrading at a rate much faster than ever before, thousands of devices have been invented to make man’s life easy and comfortable. One such company, that manufactures products like clocks and home appliances, is Orpat.


Orpat Group is one of the largest clock manufacturers and has its roots in Morbi, a city and a municipality located in the western part of India, in the state of Gujarat.

The various categories of clocks manufactured by Orpat are as follows-


Digital wall clocks

The various benefits of these clocks are fuse guard technology, big week name display for easy reading from a long distance, latest IC version enabling quick reset and sturdy design. All with a 1-year warranty. They have a firm matte look and a solid stunning finish making them look very attractive. These clocks are usually preferred in official as well as domestic or public localities due to their universally superficial make.


Fancy Analog Clocks

These are the ones that have a classic fancy look with elegant frames that look impulsive around a stylish interface. The numberings have traditional classic styles and are distinctive. These clocks will enchant their locality with a feel of sovereignty and elegance. The bold colour theme will embark on the onset of satiation to its users and viewers.


Vintage Clocks

These clocks have standard dimensions due to which the buyer faces no issues. A lustrous frame adds to the glamour and an indicated non-numeral system makes them look unique. The wands also hold a considerable lustre which is hardly seen in many clocks. These clocks usually have a simple yet elegant white interface that balances with the lustrous make of its key components. These clocks are usually preferred in official as well as domestic or public localities.


Simple Analog Clocks

 Unique simple clocks that look implicitly different with the extra broad interface. The numbering on the white interface is very fascinating due to its distinctive and enlarged looks. These clocks are highly preferred for a locality that hosts imperative and necessitation of activities.


Musical Pendulum Clocks

The exclusive features are hourly melody, 360 degree rotating dancing dolls, auto night shut-off by the sensor, real silent sweep movement, volume control switch and a pendulum made with Swarovski elements. All of this with a 1-year warranty. The oval-shaped body of these clocks is a truly great addition to homes that have glass wardrobes or ivory lockers. Every part of these clocks is designed and crafted with care and sophistication which ensure a sophisticated look.


Thus, a wide range of Ajanta clocks by Orpat including many more sub-categories like fancy pendulum clocks, grandfather clocks, magic moments clocks, musical pendulum clocks, night glow sweep second clocks, office sweep second clocks and plain musical clocks are available. One can even buy a clock online at their official website


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