Wall clocks- a must read before buying them

Sep 27


Stuart Wintergear

Stuart Wintergear

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It is the desire of every homeowner to create a home with a décor that reflects their own personalities and taste. Choosing the elements that help this dream come true is often harder than it sounds. Make a good choice like a decorative wall clock as one of those elements is the easier and perfect way. In this day and age, many wall clocks are available in the market with wide range of styles and designs. With so many options available, it’s not hard to find one that will fit with your needs. However, you should be very choosy when buying a wall clock. We at For your Home would like to help you with quick buying guide while looking around for Wall Clocks.


Firstly understand the rooms in your home where the wall clock is needed. Often we overlook the wall clock as little more than a utility,Wall clocks- a must read before buying them Articles a structure designed to serve its stated purpose in plain way as possible. Even when we go one step further and decide to use the aesthetic aspect of them, we usually just hang it from any spare wall, an isolated piece neither adding to nor subtracting from the total appearance of the space. However, with a little imagination, you can integrate your wall clocks into your existing wall décor, and make it a part of the overall decorative scheme. Even further, you can use wall clocks themselves as a room’s style, displaying a synchronized display of your own decorative style. Many times this helps us to use different clocks in different rooms of the home depending on taste. Kitchens are many a time suited with floral or food designed based wall clocks. Some Online stores do sell many smaller pendulum wall clocks that are plain and simple. Living Room Wall Clocks have seen lots of ranges which decorative, stylish and functional too. Oversized wall clocks are often used on a large wall whereas in traditional sense, contemporary wall clocks and classic Victorian heavy styles are favorites. Nowadays we have seen modern wall clock has some what seemed to merge with the contemporary style of décor. Bedrooms needs soft touched, light coloured wall clocks. Some may even need a alarm clock like moving pendulum for an early wake up call. Children’s Room seen massive surge in creative wall clocks. Nursery rhyme clock faces, teaching dial wall clocks or cartoon faces are favorites for this room. It is seen that kids like the pendulum wall clock because the long pendulum swings and feel to put them to sleep as they watch it.  Lastly, outdoor clocks have become very popular recently. Bold styles ranging from 23 to 31 inches in diameter are often hung outside. This creative approach can add an often welcoming flavor to the back door.

Second most important thing to look while buying them is features like function, style, technology used, price etc. A case made of wood, with glass over the clock face is nice. In some case a clock with a one-piece moulded plastic case and plastic over the clock face is lighter, easier to mount, generally less expensive, less breakable, and cheaper to ship as a gift. Some may like a more decorative gold coloured or full glass enclosed with glass case and glass pendulum wall clocks. Some clocks have separate second-hand dials, some have mariners' information, some have sweeping second hands, and some have pendulums. Most of wall clocks are quartz based which gives perfect timing in the most affordable price. Then there are radio controlled which are more accurate in time display but bit higher on price, hermle wall clocks, etc. Considering style, it should necessarily reflect your personality and the character of your home. You can easily find contemporary clocks with unusual dials or backgrounds, one-of-a-kind decorations; fashionable clocks with face colors and pictures that reflect your interests, hobbies, or style. Shape can also be coordinated in wall clocks, with squares matched to hexagonal diamonds, and circle shaped clocks bordering squares. There are also multicolored clocks which are available, that will have a unique display of color throughout its surface and big numbered dial clocks. A clock for a child's room may have decorative theme based style. A clock for a woman's bedroom might be floral or girlie. Some can even get a custom background design like a snap of yours or your family to add that uniqueness. Further, there are specially made clocks that are loyal to original craftsmanship and design. These types still can burn a huge hole in your pocket, but many people invest in them for decorative collectible purposes and here your decision makes sense. Regarding price, you can buy a wall clock in many ranges. The price will increase with what kind of features the clocks you have picked has. Whatever the price, you will find the clocks that suites your taste.

Lastly, we would end the article with some friendly tips and tricks which can be check listed before starting your wall clock shopping. When you are looking around for wall clocks for any of the rooms, it is better you take the picture of your room to find that perfectly fitting one, here a online clock shop customer service people can come handy. It’s a good idea to purchase a kitchen wall clock that does not have a plastic or glass sheet over the face. These often fog up when kitchen cooking becomes humid. While looking an outdoor wall clock, be careful to choose the right style and material like a metal case one which are much more durable, as many clocks are not suitable for outdoor use. Buying a wall clock is really not too hard. Don’t be too choosy about the colors since a slightly different color mixed with like colors on your wall will usually give that unique shade. Remember, bright colors or a big contrast in color adds to the overall décor of your home. One way to integrate your clock into the rest of the room is to align it with other decorative objects. Wall items such as mirrors, posters, or artwork, can be placed on a virtual horizon to create a linear arrangement. This way instead of a group of isolated items, you get a single integrated look.

We at For your home hoped that the above article will help in a small way before you start shopping around for wall clocks.

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