Are Millennials Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds Over Mined Diamonds?

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Couples nowadays prefer completely more inexpensive weddings. Lab-grown diamonds have the highest demand from the millennials with a huge potential to increase internal consumption. Check here the reasons behind this spike in demand for lab grown diamonds.

Millennials have a completely different take on weddings. They don't tend to be bound to an ideal age,Guest Posting gender or other wedding norms. Nevertheless, industry experts do not fail to throw some light on this tremendous shift.

Couples nowadays prefer more inexpensive weddings that are more enjoyable rather than taking a toll on their budget. It also implies their choice of wedding rings. This effect has a positive impact on the sale of lab grown diamonds companies.

Forbes's report suggests that sales of mined diamonds are falling throughout the supply chain by 25%.

Here, let's uncover the reasons behind this spike in demand for lab grown diamonds in India and overseas

Environment preservation is prevailing in buyer's minds. As a result, they tend to inquire about their purchased product's origin, processing, and environmental effects.

According to The Diamond Foundry, a single carat of diamond may dig up to 250 tonnes of soil. However, when research implies that diamond mining might bring the entire ecology to a halt, the stories sometimes get a little out of hand.

In such a scenario, a trusted lab grown diamond company such as ABD diamonds provides millennials an opportunity to buy CVD diamonds that are safe for our planet. The BBC claimed that this generation is aware of climate change and will not be lured by mined diamonds.

The cost factor
Couples of this generation have gone past old-school customs of big fat weddings. Most prefer affordable options to prevent wedding expenses from digging holes in their pockets. ABD diamonds give buyers the flexibility to pick a gem to best suit their spouse’s personality. Lab grown diamonds offer a wide variety of diamond shapes for customization. They not only amplify the charm of the ornament but are also inexpensive.

Influence by advocates
When lab grown diamonds are advocated and flaunted by renowned personalities like The Princess of Dutches - Meghan Markle, Emma Watson, Penelope Cruz and many others, the millennials are likely to be influenced. It is had by far shattered the conceived notions of mined diamond jewelry. ABD diamonds leverages this transformation by introducing spectrum lab grown diamonds in India online.

Millennials paving their way through age-old sentiment attached to diamond jewelry are revolutionizing the diamond industry. As a result, more and more buyers are becoming aware of the positive factors of CVD diamonds being brought to them by a reliable lab grown diamond company such as ABD diamonds.

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