Best 5 Deo Brands for Men & Women In India

Jan 29


James Mark Church

James Mark Church

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Deodorants are one of the most essential accessories for all. They not only keep the wearer aromatic but also fresh all day long. Fogg, Park Avenue, Jovan, KS and Axe are the best 5 men deodorants whereas Dove, Eva, Spinz, Secret temptation and Nivea are the hottest and most saleable deo-sprays for women in India.


Does your body odour embarrass you? Do you perspire a lot? Are you an athlete or a sportsperson? A blunt remark for foul body odour can bring your confidence a level down. Would you ever like to walk through such embarrassing situation? Surely,Best 5 Deo Brands for Men & Women In India Articles nobody loves it. 

Why do we smell bad if we have an explosive range of deodorants! Say ‘no’ to stay at the back stage. You can amplify your presence. No matter how much hot or bone-chilling the weather is!  You can always rock with your signature smell.

Are you caught up in puzzle over which deodorant you should choose? Before picking any fragrance, brainstorm if you have sensitive skin. If yes, you must prefer only mild aromas. Just spray a bit on your dorsal hand. If it turns reddish or itches, discard it. Rather, pick any mild fragrance.               

To let your presence be electrifying, we have explored an explosive range of deodorants. And finally, the best 5 for men and women are shortlisted to let you walk with brimmed confidence.  

For Men:

Fogg: Its sensational ad has already turned the heat on. Pan India is citing that Fogg is all around. Its manufacturer perfectly knows how to make masculinity prominent. This is why it has infused irrepressible aroma in variation. Each one is discovered to let a man pepped up all day long. It’s following mind-blowing scents are ideal for adding volume to your personality:

  • Fogg Fresh Woody Black Series
  • Fogg Fresh Aromatic Black Series
  • Fogg Monarch Fragrance Body Spray
  • Fogg Royal Fragrance Body Spray
  • Fogg Fresh Aqua Black Series
  • Fogg Fresh Oriental Black Series
  • Fogg Napoleon Fragrance Body Spray

Park Avenue:  Being a buzzing name among men, Park Avenue deos are hot favourite. This brand is bound to draw men in any of its forms. It’s blended up with seductive smells to let the men leave their impressive forever. From Alter Ego to Regal, each of its deodorants have tendency to highlight masculinity. Its diversity is an automatic teller of its publicity and demand.

  • Park Avenue Alter Ego Deo
  • Park Avenue Voyage Deo
  • Park Avenue Believe
  • Park Avenue Imagine
  • Park Avenue Tranquil
  • Park Avenue Storm
  • Park Avenue Goodmorning
  • Park Avenue Coolblue
  • Park Avenue Impact Icon
  • Park Avenue Regal

Axe: It is one of the most selling men’s grooming products by Unilever Company. Since its inception in 1999, it has been in the buzzing around due to its appealing ads & scents. However it is one of the best deodorants for men and women in India but youths are pretty much in love with it. Be it a school kid or college goer, mostly boys don’t prefer to go out without spraying it. For provoking the secret temptation, it has Dark & Gold temptation to lure. Catch which are emerging the hottest selling Axe deos:   

  • Axe Apollo
  • Axe Pulse
  • Axe Midnight 24X7
  • Axe Dark Temptation
  • Axe Gold Temptation
  • Axe Provoke
  • Axe Blast

KS: A product of J.K Ansell Ltd, Kamasutra Deodorants, has given a break to the youths from selective aromas. With ever-lasting fragrance, it takes the mind, body and soul to the heaven. And the user tempts to feel refreshed and revitalized wearing it all day long.  It is available in these varieties:

  • Kamasutra Black Non-Gas Premium Perfumed Deo
  • Kamasutra Urge
  • Kamasutra Spark
  • Kamasutra Rush
  • Kamasutra Dare

Jovan: The fragrance by Jovan Inc. perfectly matches the chemistry of its wearer. It’s cost effective cologne that can linger on every passerby. Donning it will keep the wearer scented throughout the day. Besides, its aroma touches the soul and repairs the denting due to depression and anxiety. It’s soft yet sensual. It’s is one of the biggest selling online deodorants.     

  • Jovan Men Musk
  • Jovan Men Black Musk
  • Jovan Men Sex Appeal
  • Jovan Orange Musk
  • Jovan Men Satisfaction
  • Jovan Men White Musk

For Women:

Avon is one of the most popular fragrances for women. Its temptation incites secret craving for its variant sensuous and exotic fragrances. From wild to romantic mood, it has mind-blowing aroma to go with every mood. Stay afresh and be beautiful with its different scents.
• Avon Luck EDP for Her
• Avon Instinct EDP for Her
• Avon Femme EDP
• Kates Worlds EDT Pretty Rocking
• Kates World EDT Pretty Fabulous
• Scent Essence Romantic Floral
• Avon Cherish EDP
• Scent Essence Vibrant Fruity
• Little Black Dress Eau De Perfum

Dove: Dove has already made headlines due to its skin-friendly and pampering beauty care products. It has become a synonym to softness. This is what its ad depicts. Inducing the same formula, Unilever-Dove’s manufacturer, its deodorants are configured with silkiness, whitening and softness.   

  • Dove Whitening Original
  • Dove Whitening Silk Dry
  • Dove Go Fresh Touch Cucus & Gr Tea Scent Anti-Perspirant
  • Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Deo

Nivea: A German personal care brand, Nivea, is name of true-and-tested cosmetic line. Since 1882, it has been taking care of beauty irrespective of gender. Maintaining the premium quality, it has been gifting all something very special & unique like whitening deo for underarms. This is why it claims a special place in the heart of consumers.  

  • Nivea Whitening Sensitive
  • Nivea Whitening Fruity
  • Nivea Women Pearl & Beauty
  • Nivea Energy Fresh
  • Nivea Fresh Natural
  • Nivea Whitening Floral Touch

Spinz: A CavinKare product, it’s an Indian brand that emerged in 1996. Being women-centric, its all aromas are specially introduced for girls. Be it a teen, adolescent or an adult, one out of every 10 girls want to be an Eva girl. It’s the pure magic of its distinguish, sensuous and enchanting fragrance.     

  • Spinz Black Magic
  • Spinz Enchante
  • Spinz Exotic
  • Spinz Samba
  • Spinz Hip-Hop

Eva: A TTK Healthcare fragrance line, Eva, is emerging as the most affordable deodorants for women. All its cosmetics are famous to add sparkle to one’s personality. Likewise, its fragrances are diverse. Get all reasons to flaunt in style wearing Eva. Be it Blush, Wild or Exotic, it makes the users feel special. Enhancing whitening underarm is not so tough with Eva Whitening. Catch some more varieties below: 

  • Eva Blush
  • Eva Wild
  • Eva Sweet
  • Eva Exotic
  • Eva Fresh
  • Eva Whitening
  • Eva Doll
  • Eva Sportz Fitness Rush
  • Eva Sportz Fitness Skip
  • Eva Flirt
  • Eva Urbane
  • Eva Glee
  • Eva Dew

Secret Temptation: As its name defines, it is actually inciting secret temptation in the core. A McNroe Consumer Product, this deo spreads pure magic through its sweet smell. Without causing any damage or irritation, it keeps the body scented and energetic.

  • Secret Temptation play deo
  • Secret Temptation mystery deo
  • Secret Temptation perfume body spray
  • Secret Temptation perfume body spray neon