Best Christmas Decoration Trends for 2020’s Splendid Celebrations

Nov 5


Rajani H

Rajani H

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Know about the latest Christmas Décor Trends of 2020 and deck up your place for this festive season. Explore the top five decoration trends to get started.


Our favorite festival is around the corner,Best Christmas Decoration Trends for 2020’s Splendid Celebrations Articles and it's never too early to start thinking about creative and fresh Christmas décor ideas. Who doesn't want to deck up their place with the lovely tree, twinkling lights, snowy garlands, and many more? Indeed the pandemic is influencing how we used to prepare for this festivity, but the enthusiasm is even more than before.

To make this time relaxing, memorable, and exciting, we have picked up jazzy Christmas trends for 2020 that's enough to channel your inner artist. There are no such rules to plan perfect decor; it's time to play around kids, spend time with loved ones, and glam up the place together.


Comfy Holiday Décor

After the long hectic and stressful time, this year's decor should feel soothing, bloomy with a touch of the rustic winter. This holiday season, keep a contemporary interior theme inspired by the shades of pink. From a velvety backdrop to eye-pleasing warm pink LED series, take the inspiration from the romantic Christmas night.

To give crisp to this decor, add lush green trailings at the entrance or the living room and let yourself soak into the perfect holiday settings. Extend this festival theme with a furry white velvet carpet to recreate romantic vibes.

How can we forget about creative Christmas gifts wrapping to make this year's celebration even more memorable? Instead of going for plastic printed wraps, choose hand-made papers or choose theme-matching gift fabrics.

 A starry night full of dreams

Christmas means happiness, new hopes, and the sheer pleasure of togetherness. Take inspiration from the mesmerizing starry holiday night for Christmas day decoration. Channel the splendor of a cold night but with the cozy comfort decor.

Mix modern Christmas decorations with the traditional festive essentials. Create a minimalistic ambiance with metallic decorative, blue-toned curtains, and rustic Christmas ornaments. This decor is a perfect combination of a calm atmosphere with enchanting holiday vibes.

Get creative with your Christmas Trees and take the same inspiration to flourish it with little blue and white color hanging balls and metallic hanging stars. Deck up this ambiance with fresh-cut orchids and carnations. Take the trio of purple orchids, white carnations, and red roses to rejuvenate your house.

Classic Christmas 2020 decoration

It's time to play with classic Christmas Colors and modern Christmas décor trends for this year's Christmas day. Bring back the nostalgic vibes and start with red and white color festive decorations. Go for silver and red tinsels along with a velvet red tree skirt. To give a contemporary look to it, add giant size metal reindeers around your Christmas tree decorations.

Don't forget to order unique Christmas flowers to complete the decoration in a fragrance way. Order Christmas Flowers in Australia or another place from your nearest florist and begin the celebrations. It's a perfect decor for celebrating this year's festival at home with your loved ones.

New Christmas Trends

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many people are avoiding going out unnecessary, and they are using recyclable items. You can also tweak last year's Christmas tree decorations or make paper stars hangings from color craft papers. This is a perfect family activity for this holiday.

If you have kids at home, this activity will indeed channel their inner creativity, and the decor will stand out. One thing you should get is fresh beautiful flowers. Buy flowers online from your nearest florist in Malvern and get doorstep delivery. Stay safe at home and double up the creative fun for this year.

Try shifting the living room's furniture to create extra space for guests and arrange nice chairs instead of sofas. Chairs will not only make the living area more spacious but also accommodate more people. Modular furniture is among the top home décor trends, and you can also try them.


Pick trending items from your online Christmas Store

If you can't find something unique for this year's decor, browse online, and you will find a ton of options as per your theme. From rustic decorative to minimalistic showpieces, the list is never-ending. For a change, you can also go for a Christmas special painting for your living room.

If you have a good hanging place in the living room or at the entrance, you can buy a nice LED chandelier to make the vibes cozier. Get Christmas Eve flower delivery at your doorstep and greet your guests for blissful freshness.



Enjoy flower delivery in Melbourne or any other city you live in and begin the Christmas day with fresh roses or carnations. Decorate the center table with a big floral vessel along with some Christmas candies.

Start planning for your beautiful decor now and surprise your loved ones. Make this Christmas 2020 the best and the most memorable one. Send flowers to Melbourne to your dearest ones' doorstep as a token of love to wish them Merry Christmas.