Business Gifts: Full Color Printed Magnetic Picture Frames

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For businesses that want to make their souvenirs special, full color printed magnetic picture frames are one of the best options. Printed magnetic picture frames make one of the best business gifts at affordable rates.

Enrich business relations and fortify marketing strategy with magnetic picture frames. For businesses that want to make their souvenirs special,Guest Posting full color printed magnetic picture frames are one of the best options. Magnetic picture frames are innovative, yet inexpensive business gift options. Affordability and exclusivity make printed magnetic picture frame a perfect gift for any occasion.What are Printed Magnetic Picture Frames?Magnetic picture frames can be fixed on a metal or magnetic surface to prominently display special photographs. These frames can be printed or non-printed. Non-printed magnetic frames are picture holders with a magnetic base, with an option to replace pictures. However, for business gifts, one should opt for a printed magnetic picture frame. The photograph to be printed on the frame can be given to the manufacturer beforehand. Magnetic picture frames can prominently display a company’s logo, products, contact information and other details.Multi –Purpose Magnetic Picture FramesMulti-purpose magnetic picture frames offer the flexibility to display photographs without using nails, glue or any other adhesive. They can be simply hung on an iron or magnetic surface.Display photos on refrigerators: The most prominent place to display a magnetic picture frame is over the refrigerator. One can exhibit all those pictures on a refrigerator, as it does not need a focal point. Add flair to fridge art with a range of frame sizes and designs Printed magnetic picture frames are available in plastic, wood, acrylic or metal border finishing.Photo cabinet: Apart from refrigerators, magnetic picture frames can be placed over metal cabinets as well. A lively picture on the door of the cabinet will bring a smile to your face, every time you open it.Wall photo exhibition: By applying magnetic paint, one can fix magnetic picture frames over the wall. This paint acts as a magnetic coating which can hold the magnetic picture frame. A large number of photographs can be exhibited on a wall using this method. Office cubicles: Use a printed magnetic picture frame to display your favorite photographs in your office cubicle. While working, have a look at your cherished family occasions, holiday experiences or professional success. It not only adds color to your work space, but also conveys your devotion towards work and family.Customize Printed Magnetic Picture Frames for Business GiftingMagnetic picture frames offers scope for brand building, with its option for displaying business messages. One can choose from an extensive range of designs that suit different occasions. Good quality printed magnetic picture frames also utilize effective magnets, which prevent them from falling while closing the refrigerator door or a cabinet. The US-based 4cMagnets is a market leader in manufacturing magnetic picture frames and photo magnets. 4cMagnets specializes in preparing magnetic picture frames for every business or corporate occasion.

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