Discover the King of Road Trips - Route 66

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Take the journey through Route 66 and discover why the road trip spells out legendary proportions!

Route 66 is known to be one of the most beautiful scenic drives in America. Come explore the legendary road trip through route 66 and its surroundings.

How it all began:

Route 66 is a highway constructed in the mid-1920's to answer the demands of the fast evolving United States economy at that time. Route 66 differs from other roads of that era,Guest Posting such as the Lincoln and the Dixie, because it did not follow the conventional linear path. Instead, it sprawled diagonally to connect the rural communities in Illinois, Missouri and Kansas to the towns of Chicago. There is so much to see in these towns that they should be part of any road trip. Check out the town of Galena, which is in the north-western tip of Illinois. There are several museums and historical homes there for a truly "walk down history lane" experience.

Route 66 was originally built to enable the transport of farming goods along the way. This was very difficult to accomplish before the creation of Route 66. Aside from farmers, the other sector that most benefited from the highway was the trucking industry. Offering considerably milder weather compared to the harsher climate found along the northern roads, Route 66 proved to be a better option for many truck drivers.

The evolution:

During the years before and after WWII, Route 66 thrived with the establishments built along the highway. There were inns and motels, gas stations and just about every kind of café you can think of. Tourists flocked to the road just for the thrill of being there, and to experience what was then considered the "Main Street of America."

During the Great Depression, Route 66 bore witness to thousands of people migrating from the Industrial East to the more promising suburban towns in Southern California (San Diego, Hollywood, Los Angeles, etc.) The road became a symbol for hope. The Route 66 road trip tells a unique American story.

You can opt for a full length Route 66 adventure or break it out into bites, like visiting the Albuquerque section. Plan your trip around Attractions, Hotels, and Restaurants that include Route 66 in their offerings. There is so much to see around Route 66 that you will never run our of things to explore. Just the names are intriguing: Restaurants like Artichoke Cafe and Left at Albuquerque, or hotels like the Route 66 Inn, and attractions like the Route 66 Drive-In Theatre, National Route 66 Museum, and the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival.

Your next great adventure is just an interstate highway away!

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