Breast Augmentation: 5 Things Women Should Know

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The article discuss the five things women should know about before getting breast augmentation procedure.

Statistics show that hundreds of thousands of women go to breast clinics every year for breast augmentation alone. Many of them believe that having a breast augmentation procedure in New York City offers the largest selection of qualified surgeons. That is why a large percentage of women head off to the Big Apple for breast enlargement procedures and other breast cosmetic surgeries.

Although breast enlargement is not as serious as an open heart surgery,Guest Posting it is still a surgical operation and every woman who considers having it must spend a lot of time thinking it through. Opting to undergo breast enlargement procedure is a big step. If you are thinking about getting breast implants, it would be best if you gather as much information as you can about the procedure before finally deciding on going through it. Today, there are plenty of resources that you can get information from - the Internet, magazines and, of course, the many breast clinics out there. A New York breast surgeon would be glad to see you for your queries and can even show you through computer generated imagery of the possible result of your operation. Below are some facts about breast augmentation to give you an idea of the procedure and to help you formulate a discussion with your New York breast surgeon.

The Procedure

Generally, breast enlargement procedure is an outpatient type of surgery that lasts up to two hours. It is important to note that the length of time in surgery is dependent on the type of implant and incision that the patient has decided on. A small incision is made on the breasts and soft silicone implants are inserted. The patient is usually sent home on the same day if no complications arise during the surgery. However, those who encounter problems are advised to stay in the hospital or breast clinic for observation.

The Preparation

Aside from doing your research and gathering important information about breast augmentation, there are other things you need to prepare for. Performance of the procedure may be refused by New York breast surgeons if necessary. Patients who wish to go under the knife to have breast implants inserted on them must be emotionally, mentally and physically ready. They should be capable of understanding the procedure and its possible consequences, and making quality decisions basing on their grasp of the procedure. Women should also be healthy and in good shape before having breast augmentation. They must maintain a healthy diet, have plenty of physical activity and, more importantly, should stop smoking.

The Specifics

There are several things to consider when going for a breast enlargement procedure. One of the major things to decide on is the type of breast implants to be used. Women have two choices - saline-filled or silicone gel-filled breast implants. The main difference between these two types is the materials used to fill them. As the names of the implants suggest, saline-filled breast implants are filled with saltwater whereas silicone gel-filled are filled with silicone gel. Another thing to consider is the size of the breast implants, which women should be careful about. The most common mistake many women make when having breast enlargement procedure is failing to choose the right size of the breast implants. Breast clinics in New York now make use of state-of-the-art computers to allow patients to have a preview of what their bodies will look like after the breast enlargement. That greatly helps them to choose the size of the implants. Other factors to think about are the shape, the incision type and the right texture.

The Results

Many women leave the hospitals or breast clinics highly satisfied of the results of their breast enlargement procedures. They are now in a better and happier state. Their self-esteem and emotional quotient seem to have improved dramatically because of their operation, which make them more confident and able to build better interpersonal relationships. You should be aware, however, that there are some breast augmentation procedures that have unsatisfactory results. You must also be prepared for such things. Bear in mind that breast augmentation does not change a woman's life overnight. While it can do wonders to one's self-esteem, you have to accept that it only enhances your life, but not make it perfect. Also, you must know that implants are to replaced after a while for varying reasons. It could be due to rupture, aging, weight gain or loss and the inevitable pull of gravity.

The Revision Policy

Many women who undergo breast augmentation fail to ask their breast cosmetic surgeons about their revision policy. Although there are far more successful breast augmentation procedures done every year, sometimes, things just do not go the way they are planned. A possible unwanted result is uneven breast implant size. Revision or touch up procedures are performed to breast augmentation patients for this reason. Women must discuss with their surgeons about their revision policies and the costs that they cover. Some surgeons offer reduced rates. Others even waive their professional fees for revisions. However, as is the case with most surgeons, anesthesia and operating room costs are separate and are the responsibility of the patient.

It is but understandable that all these things mentioned may be overwhelming for someone who is making a big life-changing decision. That is why it is best for you to go through them with the family and friends that are closest to you, and to discuss them with a New York breast surgeon that you can trust.

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