Have A Look On The Men’s Trending Hairstyles

Sep 18


Hakim Asraf

Hakim Asraf

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In today’s age, men have a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles. Every year, new trends are being created with endless possibilities in hair texture and color. And when it comes to trendy hairstyles, it is not all about dramatic transformations. Just a little trimming can also give an entirely new look


A trendy hairstyle that suits your personality is also a part of men’s grooming. Your persona is reflected by your outer appearance,Have A Look On The Men’s Trending Hairstyles Articles and your hairstyle is an integral part of it!


The trendiest hairstyles of the year- 2019


The Textured Top Hairstyle-


It is one of the most popular and trendiest hairstyles which works best on a wide range of hair types. This style was also highly preferred for this year’s Paris Fashion week because of the stylish look it gives with the perfect finish. This hairstyle works well with most of the face shapes; however, men with texture locks look the best in this hairstyle. 


The main focus while cutting this hairstyle is to have an effortless top with a little or almost no work on it. The stylist has to keep in mind that the hair length on the top is even, with no real length on the fringe. The textured top has to be combined with a high fade, a short-haired back, and side. 


The most important styling product for this hairstyle is a light hairspray. This will make the hair hold up and not lose the natural texture and make it weigh down. Also, only a small amount of product should be used, focussing on the textured top. 


The Buzzcut-


This is a trend which started gaining popularity in the year 2017 and is still in the trends with full momentum. Being one of the easiest hairstyles for men, this haircut does not need much grooming to manage. However, the fact is that it is not a style for everyone. People with angular face shape are the ones who should go for this buzz cut trends. Go for this cut if you have a wide set jawline – you will get a classic, and well-styled look. The older version of this style was a simple cut with very short hair. Absolutely no need for styling! But now, the trend evolves a fade, a color, a part or/and defined facial hair.


Another thing to take care of is the finishing as the cut is with the hair being very short. When it comes to styling, there is not much you can do with it! Also, when you go for short hair, your scalp will be open to most environmental elements. So, use proper hair products to protect them. 


Sweep & High Fade Haircut-


This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the textured top hairstyle but is all about a lot more length. This low maintenance sleek style is the perfect combination of a longer top with a high fade. This trend gives an ideal fashionable look to men with hair of medium thickness and either straight or wavy type. However, you can go for this cut with curly or fine hair if you use the right product to make your hair stay in their perfect place. 


Sweep & High Fade Haircut was a popular choice in the Parisian catwalks last year. The products used can differ depending on the length and texture of the hair. Light hairspray is best for finer hair, whereas coarse hair needs a medium hold wax to get fixed. 


The hairstyle got its name because of the ‘sweep’ effect, which is the look as if the hair is holding itself in place. The use of too much product can ruin this effect and make it look too harsh. 


The Hard Side Part-


This trend is popular amongst those with short styles and a strong fade, to get a sharp and well-defined look. This style is easily achieved on those with straight or wavy hair, whereas with curly hair, it is a bit more difficult to place everything in the proper position. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it works with almost every kind of hair texture as the trend mostly depends on the length of choice. 


The hard side part is a well-known trend that required less styling as it ensures your hair to fall into place naturally. However, with the use of a good hairdryer and lightweight hair products are perfect for taming the morning bed head. Using a generous amount of products such as wax can actually give a sharp, sleek, and professional look. 


Trends may come, and trends may go, but some hairstyles will make you look good forever. However, it is important to know about the constantly popping styles as who knows; these new trends can make you look even better. For more information about men’s fashion and grooming, subscribe to our newsletter.