How to Dress up Your Sorority Sweatshirts?

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Add a bit more oomph to your favorite sorority sweatshirts with the right choice of accessories.

There is something really exciting about wearing brand new sorority sweatshirts for the first time. Each new design can bring with it a frenzy that is only possible when an item of clothing is somehow also associated with your tribe on campus.

But perhaps you are someone who prefers to add your individual sense of style to the same sweatshirt designs that your sorority sisters are also wearing at the same time. Perhaps you just like to accessorize your everyday outfits but not sure how to style casual sorority sweatshirts.

In any case,Guest Posting here is a handy guide to dressing up your sorority sweatshirts.

Bring out the colors, sisters!

When you are sporting a hooded sorority sweatshirt, any accessory you might add may look a little out of place with your outfit. So, how do you increase the style quotient when you wear an indigo hooded sweatshirt or perhaps a deep shade of red? With colors, of course!

Paint your nails in neon pink with an indigo or dark blue sorority sweatshirt. For maroon and other red hues, go with golden sparkles or black. Better yet, add a touch of silver or gold sparkling nail paint on top of a black polish. Don’t hold back when wearing colors like salmon pink or peach by keeping your nails painted with shades of understated browns. Go all out with bold and neon shades in contrasting shades.

If nothing else seems right with your hooded tops, go with bright colors on your lips. Choose glossy hues in fuchsia and red with black, gray, and other light-colored sweatshirts. If you are wearing red, orange, or brick then paint your lips in a glossy nutmeg shade for a really alluring effect.

Some jewelry won’t hurt, either.

If you are wearing sorority sweatshirts with wide necklines, you have more scope to add colors to your outfit with some jewelry. For instance, if you are sporting a gray fleece sweatshirt, fold your sleeves a bit to show off some stacked bracelets. Include colors like fuchsia, leaf green, lemon yellow, navy blue, and of course the good old black.

With wide necklines, you can also add earring to the mix. Choose hoops or dangling earrings in lighter shades with your dark-hued sorority sweatshirts.

Add accessories, but minimally.

Your choice of accessories can work wonders when paired with the right sweatshirt. Choose from headbands to caps, sunglasses, and even a fanny pack.

A bandana can work well with wide necklines while it is best to pair a headband with hooded sweatshirts. Use a tote bag with sweatshirts without hoods. But backpacks work best with hooded ones. A tote in black or red can add just the right amount of pep to your gray top while choose bright colors for the rest. Go all out with caps in floral prints or two-toned designs.

It is really easy to add zing to sorority sweatshirts with just a little effort.

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