How to Troubleshoot If Kaspersky Antivirus Won't Open

Aug 31


David Sem

David Sem

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If your Kaspersky antivirus isn’t running as expected, and you’re unable to start it at all, you must look for the instant solution without losing your virus protection that is a valid concern. The information described in this article helps you to try a few of typical troubleshooting steps and some more advanced techniques to fix the Kaspersky issues.


It can be annoying when Kaspersky antivirus doesn’t run as expected,How to Troubleshoot If Kaspersky Antivirus Won't Open Articles and losing the virus security is a primary concern for you, a simple solution you can try to fix the issues. You can start by applying the troubleshooting steps like ensuring for software updates that might affect the interface of your antivirus and then try some advanced methods like finding the corrupt files and reinstalling the program. For a hassle-free solution, you can also call on the Kaspersky Customer Service and seek the expert assistance.

Solution 1 - Check for New Kaspersky Updates

If your Kaspersky antivirus doesn’t usually start all of a sudden, you must look for the latest version of the security program. Updates may contain patches, particularly intended to fix the issue you’re facing. If you just update the Kaspersky, check the documentation to look for any changes in the function. The Kaspersky 2013 uses a somewhat different way of starting the program from prior versions.

  • If you’re using Windows 8, right-click the screen and then the ‘All apps’ icon to open Kaspersky.
  • In Windows XP and 7, double-click the Kaspersky icon in the task bar or click the Windows Start button to find the folder and open Kaspersky.

If you don’t find it in the proper place, go to the ‘Program Files’ folder on the hard drive to find the Kaspersky application and related folder here.

Solution 2 - Restart the Computer

If you’re performing actions correctly but still unable to open Kaspersky, try to reboot your PC, particularly where it was working properly. In most cases, a process glitches or the file becomes corrupted when you’re using the system, often closing a program or shutting down the PC. On the restart, Windows drives a Power-on Self-test process that helps you fix the glitches and corrupt files. If the Kaspersky doesn’t work fine all of a sudden, then rebooting the computer might be helpful to fix the problems.

Solution 3 – Check for the Windows Updates

Windows comes with its own set of virus protections, that’s why it is necessary to keep it updated. When Microsoft unveils new updates for Windows, antivirus software companies, such as Kaspersky also release new updates to ensure the compatibility between the Windows system and their software. If you just installed antivirus updated, but you have not installed Windows updated yet, there may be a compatibility issue. After installing the updated, you may require rebooting the PC.

Solution 4 - Reinstall Kaspersky

It might happen that an important program file has become corrupted and can’t be resolved by any of the above-given solutions. If you’re still unable to open Kaspersky antivirus, just uninstall and reinstall the Kaspersky. For doing that, access the Kaspersky’s official website and continue with the steps for reinstating the program.

First of all, you need to click the ‘Download’ button to submit the software request. You will get a Kaspersky email just after the request. Never remove the current copy of the antivirus until you get an email. When you receive it, remove Kaspersky, and then click the given link in your email to download the latest version and reinstall the antivirus program.

Solution 5 - Advanced Troubleshooting

If you’re still facing difficulties after reinstalling the program or you’re unable to install the antivirus, there is a virus or malware that blocks the download. Sometimes, you might get your anti-virus software disabled or the scans and virus updates blocked. If viruses infect your PC and you can’t start Kaspersky, you must try a few of the defenses. At such time, you can use the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove viruses when everything else fails to fix the problem. Once the virus is deleted, restart your PC and try to open the Kaspersky program again.

Other Considerations

If you have tried all solutions and nothing else works, you should contact the customer support team to get a hassle-free solution. When you call the Kaspersky customer support phone number experts, try to give proper information about the computer and events connecting to the issue. You just need to get the information about your operating system you have and Kaspersky version you’re using to fix the problem. You will be able to get immediate solutions for several difficulties preventing Kaspersky from opening on the PC. For more informatin and query just visit: Contactforhelp