Importance of Vacate Cleaning

Jun 9


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Everyone loves a clean home. After completing the rental lease and you need to vacate home it is essential to leave the home in a condition so that the next leaser can use it without any problems.


Vacate cleaning is a specialised service provided for conscientious people who wish to leave a house in the same pristine condition they had occupied it earlier from the owner. It is also a prudent action on the part of the tenant. If the house is handed over in anything less than the previous ambience re-created,Importance of Vacate Cleaning Articles the owner may impose penalties and deductions as mentioned in the contract.

The owners have a clause in the bond itself for pre-occupation condition return. A moving in report with photographs and other material is provided and it is expected that the vacation will be in the same condition. A failure to do so will attract costs and even legal hassles if not acted upon in a given time period. Above all, it is a gentlemanly thing to do at the time of your parting ways with the place and people you have had a long association at the time you had occupied the property.

The vacate cleaning requires a through check-up of the premises. It should be done with a proper check-list prepared in advance. This check list will include items to be taken care of in respect of fixtures, supplies and agreements made by a tenant at the time of occupation. Most of the time it consists of change of name in electricity charges, disconnection of the internet services telephone services etc. It is essential to provide a forwarding address for the mailman to deliver your post to the new place. Vacate cleaning experts take care of these time consuming actions in a very smooth manner.

There are really some very mundane things to be done for a proper vacate cleaning. If you have been making use of the appliances of the owner a small thing like returning the remote is one of the important things. One has to make all the payments and municipal charges if any up-to the date of vacating. A proper receipt regimen is required to be clear in this section.

The general condition of cleanliness of the property is also essential. When you moved in it was in a spick-n-span condition. You must leave it in the same way. It is not only mandatory but the right thing to do. Some of the most important areas for special cleaning will relate to the Floors of the house, tiles wherever used –especially the stained ones in bathrooms and widow-panes that might have acquired a lot of grime in the period you were planning to move. This will need special attention by the company hired for the vacate cleaning.

The walls of the house, roofs that are flat, ceilings and even the driveway should make the list of places for tidying up and leaning. The garage begins to accumulate junk which everyone feels cannot be thrown away and still cannot be used on a regular basis.  This apparent junk should be properly sifted. It may still give some keepsakes to you. Vacate cleaning agencies are experts in this work and help you do it properly.

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