A Brief Understanding On Wooden Beads

Feb 29


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Beautiful pieces of jewelry can be created using many different types of beads such as glass, precious stones, metal alloys, pearls, and beads made of natural materials such as shells, bones, and woods. Wooden beads are among the most popular beads in the market today because of their being classy, light, affordable, beautiful, and easily available.


Wood beads along with nut beads are quite important to making unique jewelry items and for creating embellishments. Wood beads can be used for making pendants,A Brief Understanding On Wooden Beads Articles children’s toys like abacus, bag handles, decorating shoes, furniture and various crafts.

Wood beads come in lead free and are completely safe to use for children’s products. Wood beads come in different shapes: round, oval, attractive animal shapes, plant shapes, barrel, rice, tube and heart shapes to make all kind of toys, gifts and jewelry items.

 Animal beads could be shaped like really cute starfish, or a charming rabbit or an adorable elephant. Similarly, there are penguins, sea horses, ladybugs and cats and dogs also available in the form of wooden beads. Colors are bright and safe for use by children and there are options of opaque, painted, drawbench, spray painted and printed beads. Available for different applications like pendant, links and good old beads, nearly all of them have holes drilled into them.

With bead sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm and above and holes sizes ranging from below 1 mm to almost 5 mm, it is possible to create any design, any patter with ease. Wooden beads are also designed thematically to suit seasons and festivals. Whether it is Christmas gifts and decoration baubles that you want to make, or kids’ toys or children’s party gifts or good old key chains and mobiles, it is possible to find on our site, a wooden bead that will fit your design.

As with all the other products on our site, for wood beads also there are pictures available for every design, to help you choose easily. And the search is user-friendly, with options to choose basis color, size, design, price, lot size, weight and various other considerations.

Even for nut beads there are more than 600 items available. It is the widest possible range available in one place. The designs may be flowers made of coconut, coconut bead strands, coconut links, coconut buttons, coconut fishbone shaped pendants, jewelry findings and links. Well cut and elegantly finished, these nut beads, buttons and finding are available, in brown, coffee, cocoa and color dyes.

Quite sturdy and easy to incorporate into your designs, the nut beads are also available in other shapes like donut, square, rectangle, flat round and animal shapes. Coconut beads are environment friendly and completely safe to use. They are also lightweight and durable. You could buy beads as bead strands or loose beads, depending on whether you are buying to make jewelry, toys or embellishments.

On wood and nut beads also, there are various offers available. Make the most of these offers depending on your requirement, whether you need a small lot, best sellers or a range of mixed products. Sign up and avail of some first timer discounts. If you are an esteemed regular buyer, there are sales, coupons and bargains that you can make the most of. Add wood and nut beds to your jewelry repertoire to offer a wider range to your clients.

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