Pros And Cons Of Glass Whiteboard

Jul 6


Sila Peter

Sila Peter

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Glass white boards have been increasingly used in both residential and commercial sectors for past few years. They are the newer and finest products that are gaining popularity day by day due to its durability, significant benefits and uses. But everything has some positive points as well as some negative points.


Similarly,Pros And Cons Of Glass Whiteboard Articles glass whiteboards also have some disadvantages. So, we will cover both positive and negative aspects of glass white boards in this post. Let's start with some good features of glass, white boards. Glass white boards are much better than the simple white boards.

Stylish Contemporary Look:

White glass boards look beautiful and give a stylish contemporary appearance. So, they can work well anywhere like in home, office, restaurant, hotel, school, college, university, hospital, etc. Glass whiteboards are sophisticated, hence they do not destroy the beauty of any place instead they add more flavor to that place. They can be used in inside areas as well as in outside areas for displaying the important information.


Many glass board manufacturers offer excellent warranty of their glass white boards. Glass whiteboards are durable and this is the key factor that allows you to buy it without any fear. There are lots of types of glass whiteboards, so choose wisely that best suits you.

Easy installation:

You will be happy to know that the installation of glass board is very easy. It only takes almost 10 to 15 mins and only two person can do it easily.

Easy to clean:

Glass white boards are easy to clean as compared to non glass boards. They are never blemished or steak. You can easily wipe off a glass whiteboard with a cloth and it will be all clean. No matter how old is the mark of dry erase marker on it, but it will be clear with a cloth. For keeping your glass white boards shinny and new clean it on a regular basis. If someone has used permanent marker or grease pen on your glass whiteboard, then do no worry because you can easily remove their marks too. Although glass white boards are easy to clean but here are some tips:

  • Always use a soft cloth and towel to clean the glass boards.
  • For avoiding a glass whiteboard from thermal fracture, do not place it in a room with extreme temperature changes.
  • Never clean a glass whiteboard when it is in direct sunlight or is hot.
  • Use a cleaning material or cloth which is free of dirt and debris. This will avoid the scratching on the surface of glass
  • Never use tapes and adhesives on glass boards because it will be very difficult to clean them.

Residential and commercial use:

Boards are the need of educational institutes, medical institutes, and commercial sector for displaying their important messages and notes on them. Glass white boards are replacing simple whiteboards due to their durability and other benefits. So, people rely on it and more likely to use them in your home or office. We know that boards are the need of schools, colleges, hospitals, and offices for displaying their notes on it. But we can also use glass white boards in residential sectors.

One can use a glass whiteboard in living room and can every family member can display the important messages of the day on it. Some questions are quite common in our daily life such what will be the menu today? What will be the dinner time, etc. so you can write on the glass whiteboard in this way everyone will see that.

You can use glass whiteboard in your kitchen too for setting up the weekly menu on it. It’s a hard task to daily decide the lunch and dinner menu, so you can set your whole week’s menu in one day. When you will write the whole week’s menu, your daily tension will be gone. You just need to read from it that what will be today’s menu and your thinking time will be saved.

One can use white glassboard in his bedroom too for writing his day to day task. You can set your time table on it, or you can write some important quote on it for giving yourself some motivation and energy level to do something positive.

Disadvantage of Glass boards:

I think the only negative point a glass white board has, is that it costs a little bit higher and heavier than the customary white board. But the good features of glass board overcome this negative point. Glass boards are available in many colors, its up to you that which color attracts you the most.