How to Replace the Broken Glass of Window by Yourself?

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You can replace the old and broken glass from your window frame yourself. The benefits of learning the steps of replacing are that you don’t have to hire a person for replacing the glass panel of your home window and you can save your money. 


How to Replace the Broken Glass of Window by Yourself?

Does the glass of your window break? Have you ever tried replacing the broken glass of your windows? A broken window frame not only allows heat to come inside your house,Guest Posting but it is also a security hazard. The surprising thing is that broken glass windows are the easiest problem that you can fix by yourself. 

This is a detailed article in which you can learn the process of replacement glass for window frames by yourself. Let’s dig deep into the details and learn what type of tools you need for home window glass replacement.

Required Tools & Material

For window glass replacement, if the glass of your window frame is broken, then you don’t need to ask someone else to fix it for you. With some simple tools, you can get rid of this problem. There are some important tools and materials that you need for this purpose such as

  • Safety Goggles
  • Hammer                                                                                                                Heavy Gloves
  • Masking Tape
  • Linseed Oil
  • Measurement Tape
  • New Glass
  • Putty Knife
  • Chisel or Scraper
  • Paint Brush or Rust Resistant Paint
  • Spring Clips

Steps to Replace the Window Frame

If the glass of the window of your house is broken, then take it out of the frame very carefully. Some glass comes out very easily, but some require you to do some extra hard work. In this part, you can learn steps that help you to replace the glass of your home window by yourself. 

STEP #1 _ Remove Broken Glass

For removing the broken pane of glass from the window, simply remove the putty. The putty becomes hardened after some time so you can use a hot glue gun to make it softer. Remove the soft putty with the help of wood chisel, knife, or jackknife. Carefully remove every trace of old putty. No matter, if the window frame is large or not always wear gloves before removing the broken glass. Gloves will help you to avoid cuts during working with broken glass. 

On some points, it becomes difficult to remove the traces of putty. Around the glaziers' points, putty is extremely hard. Glaziers are small metal triangles that can hold the glass in one place. 

Step #2 Do Oiling

Are you replacing the broken glass of any old window frame? If yes, then use a paintbrush to apply a large amount of linseed oil to every corner of the frame. Wait for a few minutes and allow the oil to settle down. Greasing with linseed oil is important because it can maximize the life span of putty. Another benefit of linseed oil is that it does not allow the putty to dry out quickly. 

So, don’t forget to apply linseed oil before applying the new putty. This will protect the putty from dryness and allow it to last long for years. 

Step #3 Applying Putty

Make sure you have applied a thin layer of putty around the window frame. This layer of putty works like a cushion and help the glass pane to insert firmly in the window frame. This putty cushion prevents the leakage of air and increases the life span of glass. 

The thick layer of putty is easily swelled, smudged and broken. So try to avoid it and apply thin layers. 

Step #4 _ Installation of New Glass

It is important to take the right measurement of glass. Carefully cut the glass pane with the help of a glass cutter. Always cut the glass an inch smaller than the actual size of the window frame. Apply minimal pressure to insert the glass panel in the glazier's points and don’t forget to wear gloves and goggles. 

NOTE: Ask someone to hold the glass pane in one place. It is difficult to hold the glass pane with one hand and insert it in the frame. Don’t be reckless and do it with great care. 

Step #5 _ Insert Glazier Points

Place each glazier point parallel to the glass pane. Use a glazing knife and putty knife to insert the glazier points into the wood. Carefully slide the glazing tool along with the glass. It will eliminate the danger of breaking the glass. 

Step #6 _ Place Putty

Use the internet and see the easiest way to place the putty in your window frame. Make sure the putty is covering all glaziers’ points. Place the putty in the angle in which it can hold the glass in the frame firmly. 

NOTE: Make sure the putty is not glimpsing from the opposite side of the frame. 

Step #7 Last Touches

The replacing of broken glass of your home window is almost done. Now you only have to do some last touches. Make sure the apply putty is completely dried. Use the paintbrush to give final touches to your dry putty. Make sure you have two coats of exterior paint. 

These coats of exterior paint cover not only the putty but also the sides of the glass. For a sharp look to the sides of the window, use the scraper and remove the extra amount of paint. 

Final Words

Above mentioned steps help you to replace the old and broken glass from your window frame. One other benefit of learning this step is that you don’t have to hire a person for replacing the glass panel of your home window and you can save your money. 



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