The Cramer Stewart Controversial Interview

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In the Cramer Stewart controversial interview two famous United States T.V. personalities and stock market experts Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart had their viewers glued to their seats.  Professional rivals in Stock Market information the Cramer Stewart controversial interview created excellent entertainment for their audience and fans.

Mad Money on CNBC was Jim Cramer’s platform; he hosted this famous infotainment show. He is also a published author and frequently writes in many well known business magazines such as Time Magazine. As a co-founder of The,Guest Posting commentator and market adviser his articles are read with avid interest by many people. On the obverse side, John Stewart is well known as the host of the Daily Show. The commonly referred to Cramer Stewart slam down interview provided both entertainment and stock market information at the same time. As was expected when two such powerful personalities, Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer get together many hidden secrets and stock market strategies were revealed. Many People who read the transcript of the interview found it quite interesting reading. Jim Cramer has always made controversial statements on his shows, and his stock market picks made a lot of money for many of his viewers, some selections of his were viewed as suspicious. For the negative popularity that resulted from these shows he always had an explanation for his statements. He maintained that hedge fund managers manipulated stock prices to earn large amounts of money illegally. Many critics believe that he in turn used his influence among investors to manipulate the price of his hedge funds and stocks. Jon Stewart made use of this interview as an opportunity to obtain answers from Jim Cramer; he hammered Jim Cramer with some awkward and relevant questions that elicited an uncomfortable response from Jim Cramer. Jon Stewart made use of video footage of Cramer holding in depth discussions in his capacity as a hedge fund manager.  Many of the comments were considered controversial indeed. Cramer put across the point that he had never urged his viewers to invest in stocks he had recommended.  He said that one could check the companies by visiting websites and reading their call transcripts.  He also stated that one should give serious evaluation to available data before making a choice. There was much criticism about comments Jim Cramer made about the financial crisis, however, Jim Cramer had many ardent followers who invested in Cramer recommendation as a result the financial crisis many incurred heavy losses. Although CNBC officials and Cramer at a later stage corrected their views on the subject, much harm had already been done.  Stewart used this example that people such as Cramer had a responsibility to exercise caution when making comments on such decisive topics as a financial depression. The whole interview was well controlled by Jon Steward, and he cornered Jim Cramer with a result some viewers felt pity for Jim Cramer.  The famous Critic Troy Patterson however supported Cramer on Slate. He stated that Cramer was just a T.V. celebrity who is professional at his job, and that many Americans who were doubtful of the stock market as a potential money earner were attracted to this sort of venture. Cramer exploited the situation and in turn attracted a large following who eagerly awaited CNBC’s Mad Money. In summation, the Cramer Stewart interview created a stir and provided entertainment for critics and fans. 

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