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Wholesale belly rings are one of the most in-demand jewelry by retailers, ever since Christy Turlington sported a belly ring at a London fashion show.

The huge variety in wholesale belly rings is sure to catch the eyes and fancy of everyone. When supermodel Christy Turlington sported a belly ring at a London fashion show in 1996,Guest Posting the reaction was a mix of surprise, awe and fascination. Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera followed suit. Today, dealing in wholesale belly rings is a rewarding business, because belly rings are as popular with adolescents as they are with adults.

Wholesale Belly Rings: What’s Hot?

With the rise in popularity of belly rings among women, the range of designs and materials used in making wholesale belly rings has also grown considerably. Some of the most popular wholesale belly rings include:

  • double crystal belly rings

  • belly rings with dangling crystal chains

  • glow in the dark bubble balls

  • fancy dangling chandelier belly rings

  • dangling acrylic flower belly rings

  • acrylic flower belly rings

  • steel-and-silver belly rings

  • belly rings with dangling Indian Crystal chains

Wholesale Belly Rings: Why Buy in Bulk?

If you are a retailer, buying wholesale belly rings  can fetch you decent profits, while buying as well as selling them. Types of materials used in belly rings range from gold, silver and platinum to corals, glass, plastic, wood and crystals. This wide variety attracts a diverse customer base, thus enhancing your clientele and regular visitors.

Wholesale Belly Rings: What about the Aftercare?

Getting your belly pierced is just the first step to the process of belly piercing. Before you start feeling like a diva and forget all, just a reminder of the consequences and aftercare that go with navel piercing.

  • A pierced belly button takes longer to heal than a pierced earlobe. You need to protect your belly ring from being rubbed against your clothing in the initial stages after piercing.

  • Ensure that the piercing technique as well as the materials used in your belly rings suits your body. This will help avoid infections or allergic reactions.

Before placing an order, be aware that most wholesalers set a minimum amount that qualify the merchandise for wholesale purchase. For more information on wholesale belly rings and other body jewelry, visit http://www.achadirect.com/store/.

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