The Cat Mate Cat Flap and the Feline Squatter

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The Cat Mate cat flap is a simple yet effective means to keep your house free from feline intruders and to help preserve your heat by stopping draughts and bad weather from entering your house via the cat's entrance.

You know about the idyllic family life. A sunny spring morning; the family all asleep in their beds. The birds are chirping outside,Guest Posting which means that Clinton (the cat) must be inside sunning himself on a window or in his basket. So I head to the kitchen to create some breakfast for the family. Clinton is first because he is a pain until he has been fed.

I walk into the kitchen, and see the tip of a ginger tail hanging over the basket. If you sit quietly for a second, you can hear the gentle purring of a contented cat, lazing quietly in the comfort of his cat basket. And then it hits you ...

Clinton isn't ginger!

I know that it's early and Sunday mornings are not a time to be with it. So it took a short while for me to realise. I inched towards the basket to see an interloper lying in Clinton's bed. I didn't recognise this cat from Adam, but it certainly wasn't mine.

If cats were cars, they would have a zero to sixty rating over and above the best sports models. All I did was to let out a sharp 'Oy', and our unwelcome guest shot straight through the cat flap like a rocket fuelled rat out of a freshly greased drainpipe. He barely touched the sides in fact, which led me to the conclusion, that something had to be done about that cat flap.

The one we have is just a common or garden flap that moves when the sparrows fart in the morning. It's not a problem during the warmer months, but in winter, it lets a good old breeze in. Inertia means that I couldn't be bothered changing it simply for my own discomfort, but I draw the line at sharing my heat with a feline squatter.

The answer for me was to install a Cat Mate cat flap, which locks on entry and exit. This means that I can keep Clinton in (or out, depending on how he's behaved) but more importantly ensure all furry guest signs the register before they are allowed to stay. I also get the double benefit that the Cat Mate flap is also draught proof, so I have killed two birds with one piece of DIY.

A Cat Mate cat flap will keep your home draught free and its double locking means you can control who comes in and who leaves via the cat flap.

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