Nap Mats for Protection and Comfort

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Using nap mats can be more than just about comfort, they can also be used as protection from less than clean surfaces.

People with young children might have nap mats for them to sleep on when they go to the babysitter’s house or to grandma’s for a visit,Guest Posting but those little mats might come in handy for times when germs are a serious issue as well. Depending on the type that you have, you might find some other uses for your child’s current or cast off mat.

No Sleeping on the Floor and Other Germ Protection

If you are taking your kids for a trip, there might be times when you have to sleep in some interesting places. Convincing a child to sleep on the floor may or may not be very easy. Some might crawl into a sleeping bag and go right to sleep. Others might choose not to sleep at all. If you are worried about your child sleeping on the ground, you can use the sleeping bag on top of the mat, which not only cushions them a little bit but keeps them from getting damp or cold from being directly on the ground.

In a hotel room, you might choose to use a mat on the bed so that the child is not laying directly on the mattress, even in the cleanest place. When you are home from your trip, you can simply hose off the mat before bringing it home just in case there are problems with bed bugs.

Too Many Kids Can Mean Problems

Having a few mats on hand can also keep the kids from passing germs and other unwanted pests back and forth when they spend the night with one another. One sleepover with a few little kids can mean hours of work when they go home with head lice. No matter who may or may not have started the cycle, everyone has to be treated, along with all of the bed clothes to prevent them from coming right back. With a mat, you can just wipe it down with a disinfecting solution and be done with it, so that you can focus on getting the lice off of your child’s head instead.

Lice are not the only thing you can prevent by using the washable mats- you can also stop or at least slow down the spread of colds and flu during the germ season. Both of these are the very reason that many schools are asking parents to send in mats for their own child to use and why they suggest using the type that can be washed or disinfected on a regular basis. They will suggest certain types of nap mats for the parents because they know how well they work.

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